Is This What The New Korg ARP Odyssey Will Sound Like?

There has been a lot of interest building in the Korg ARP Odyssey, since it was originally announced last year.

One of the key questions we had about the Korg ARP Odyssey reissue, though, was ‘Which version of the ARP Odyssey will Korg recreate?’ There were three distinct ARP Odyssey designs, with three different filters. Continue reading

The Best New Hardware Synths Of 2014


2014 was a big year for electronic music gear and 2015 promises to be even bigger.

In our previous Best of 2014 articles, we’ve looked at the best new MIDI controllers and the best new modular synth gear and there were many interesting introductions in both category.

It was an equally interesting year for synth hardware. Here’s our take on the best new hardware synths of 2014: Continue reading

Modulation & Sequencing With The Moog Sub 37 Analog Synthesizer


Here’s a follow up on yesterday’s Moog Sub 37 synthesizer review post - an in-depth look at the deep modulation architecture of Moog’s latest synth.

In the video, Moog Product Specialist Amos Gaynes discusses the underlying philosophies and design goals for the Sub 37. He also explores the wide range of modulation possibilities and sequencing options available via the Sub 37’s front panel: Continue reading