The Modal 001 Synth ‘Sounds Quite Huge & Immense At The Bottom End’


Modal Electronics stopped by the Sonic Lab to talk with host Nick Batt about their new Modal 001 synthesizer.

In the video, Paul Maddox and Luc Mucci give Batt an overview of the new British synth. The synth is ‘proper duophonic’, featuring two of the voices of the Modal 002. 

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Modal Electronics 001 Synthesizer Audio Demos

At 2015 Musikmesse, Modal Electronics introduced a new 3-octave synth, the duophonic, bi-timbral Modal 001 synthesizer.

In this video, via sonicstate, synth guru Nick Batt explores the sonic capbilities of the Modal 001.

Pricing and Availability

The Modal 001 synthesizer has a suggested retail price of £1350 (EU €1,850, US $1,995).

For product specifications and additional information, check out the Modal Electronics website.