KOMA Elektronik SVF-201 State Variable Filter For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

koma-state-variable-filter-eurorackKOMA Elektronik is now shipping the SVF-201 State Variable Filter – a new modular for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Berlin-based instrument manufacturer KOMA Elektronik says that they are ‘slowly moving into the world of modular synthesizers’.

The SVF-201′s filter circuit is built up with optical parts (vactrols), designed to deliver excellent studio audio quality and a ‘unique warm analogue sound’ The extensive patching possibilities make the module a versatile tool.

Inputs and Outputs

The SVF-201 offers CV inputs with attenuators for Cutoff, Resonance and Select/Mix Out, where the last one allows the user to instantly sweep between the three different filter characteristics. The module also has adjustable gain up to +6dB, which gives the user to opportunity send a (slightly) overdriven signal into the circuit, which results in MS20-like filter sweeps.

The unit offers four audio outputs that can be used independently of each other at the same time, a High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass and the unique CV’able Mix Out. The Mix Out out let’s you sweep continuously through the other three outputs by means of a knob and control voltage.

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Gestural Control Of A Serge Modular Synthesizer With The Koma Kommander

This video, by Rastko Lazic, demonstrates using two Koma Elektronic Kommander infrared motion sensors as gestural controllers for a modular synthesizer.

The Kommander is a handheld dual infrared X-Y motion controller, designed to make ‘controlling your electronic instruments intuitive and fun’.

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KOMA Kommander X-Y Controller Now Available, Adds Theremin Style Control To Your Synth

KOMA Elektronik has announced that the Kommander – an infrared motion controller – is now available:

Want to create the perfect filter sweep, manually trigger a gate or step through a sequencer? No more need to turn knobs or to patch up a lot of modules, the KOMMANDER makes it simple: just plug it into a CV input on your (modular) synthesizer, move your hand over the device and you are able to control it with your hands, feet or nose, yes: just like a theremin: Kommand and Konquer!

The Kommander is a handheld dual infrared X-Y motion controller. The device measures the distance to your hand or any other surface and sends out corresponding CV signals between 0 and 8 volts. The closer you have your hand to the KOMMANDER, the higher the output voltage.

This will allow you to create complex synth sounds, trigger a drum machine, control your KOMA effect pedals or any other instrument that is capable of receiving CV signals.

Here’s a video demo of the KOMA Kommander:

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KOMA Elektronik At Musikmesse 2012 (Free Koma Gear + Free Berlin Liquor)

YouTube Preview Image

Koma Elektronic sends word that they are ‘going guerrilla’ for Musikmesse 2012, being held March 21-24 in Frankfurt, with free Koma gear + free ‘Berlin liquor’:

As a small Berlin based analog effects manufacturer, we have no large promotion budget, this is why this year KOMA Elektronik will go guerrilla at Musikmesse 2012.

Instead of the usual booth, the KOMA crew will be driving the press and everybody else who is interested in our products around in the “KOMA Cab,” and we’ll throw a big party on Thursday night.

You wanna fight the good fight with us?

Details on the Koma guerilla events are available at their site.

Koma Elektronik Intros Kommander Infrared Motion Controller For Analog Synthesizers

YouTube Preview Image

Koma Elektronik has introduced the Kommander Infrared Motion X-Y Controller For Modular Synthesizers.

The Kommander is a handheld dual infrared X-Y motion controller that is designed to make controlling your instruments intuitive and fun.

The device measures the distance to your hand or any other surface and sends out corresponding CV signals between 0 and 8 volts. The closer you have your hand to the Kommander, the higher the output voltage. This will allow you to create weird synth sounds, trigger a drum machine, control effect pedals or any other instrument that is capable of receiving CV signals.

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KOMA Elektronik BD101 Analog Gate & Delay (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

Christian from KOMA Elektronik shows the prototype of the KOMA BD101 Analog Gate and Delay at the 2011 Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.

Here’s what he has to say about the BD101:

KOMA BD101: Mangle and cut your sound apart with an innovative vactrol controlled analog delay circuit in combination with a fully adjustable wide range frequency gate. It sounds like you’re playing your instrument on the porch outside of your house and inside your amp is slowly sinking in the toilet, CV controlled of course. This might sound strange, but that’s just what this pedal is about: create weird resonant frequencies, shift between heavy delayed sounds and super short pulses, with whatever instrument you want to plug into it.

The BD101 comes standard with a solid footswitch, multiple inputs, an audio and control voltage patchbay and our new innovative expression controller.

Pricing and availability are TBA.

via KOMAelektronik