KOMA Elektronik Intros Poltergeist Analog Quadraphonic Audio Mixer

2015 NAMM Show: KOMA Elektronik has introduced the Poltergeist – a Eurorack module that lets you manipulate up to four audio/CV signals quadraphonically or stereophonically.

The Poltergeist is an analog Eurorack format audio/CV mixer, panner and VCA that goes beyond the usual two dimensional standards and enables hands-on quadraphonic mixing and panning with a staggering number of VCAs. Continue reading

KOMA Elektronik Cable Lets You Attentuate The Positive

Berlin-based instrument manufacturer KOMA Elektronik has now released a new cable solution for modular synthesists: the Attenuator Cable.

The Attenuator Cable is a cable with one jack input socket on one side, an output socket on the other side and a slider in the middle that gives the user the opportunity to attenuate both CV and audio signals traveling between modules. One connects a 3.5mm patch cable to the input socket of the Attenuator Cable and connect the output jack plug to any input. Use the slider in the middle of the cable to attenuate and adjust the signal, as Christian says in the video, “easy peasy!”

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KOMA Elektronik SVF-201 State Variable Filter For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

koma-state-variable-filter-eurorackKOMA Elektronik is now shipping the SVF-201 State Variable Filter – a new modular for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Berlin-based instrument manufacturer KOMA Elektronik says that they are ‘slowly moving into the world of modular synthesizers’.

The SVF-201’s filter circuit is built up with optical parts (vactrols), designed to deliver excellent studio audio quality and a ‘unique warm analogue sound’ The extensive patching possibilities make the module a versatile tool.

Inputs and Outputs

The SVF-201 offers CV inputs with attenuators for Cutoff, Resonance and Select/Mix Out, where the last one allows the user to instantly sweep between the three different filter characteristics. The module also has adjustable gain up to +6dB, which gives the user to opportunity send a (slightly) overdriven signal into the circuit, which results in MS20-like filter sweeps.

The unit offers four audio outputs that can be used independently of each other at the same time, a High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass and the unique CV’able Mix Out. The Mix Out out let’s you sweep continuously through the other three outputs by means of a knob and control voltage.

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