RealiBanjo, Because Everyone Needs A Little “Yee-Haw” Sometimes

Realitone has released Realibanjo, a banjo sample library for Kontakt.

Realibanjo features a Pattern Player, as well as animated graphics, something you don’t see very often (maybe never?) in a sample library.

“The first thing everyone asks us about are the graphics,” note Realitone’s Mike Greene.  “We designed the GUI with a static cartoon banjo player and his dog.”

“But then we started thinking, ‘Why not make them move to the beat?’ The animation took more time than we expected, but it makes the instrument fun, so we think it was worth it.” Continue reading

New Steampunk Synthesizer Collection – Music Laboratory Machines

Steampunk synthesizer collection - Music Laboratory Machines

Hollow Sun has introduced a new bundle of steampunk software synthesizers, Music Laboratory Machines – ‘the sounds of a past future’. 


  • 48kHz/24-bit
  • Advanced Retro Synthesis Engines
  • All ten Music Laboratory Machines in one bundle
  • Discount on bundle price
  • Varied range of unusual and unique sound generators
  • Samples from vintage equipment and valve gear
  • Unique GUIs

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Cinematque Instruments Intros Gecko Instrument For Kontakt 4

Cinematque Instruments has announced Gecko, a novel instrument concept for Native Instruments Kontakt 4, which gives you the ability to quickly compose countless variations of certain instrument categories, such as “Strings”, “Mallets”, “Environs or “Percussion”.


  • SSM Core. (Simultaneous sound matrix: 6 slots x each 20 sounds = over several thousand options mathematically speaking).
  • No loading time.
  • Easy and intuitive use.
  • Timbre switches (EQs, speaker simulation).
  • Master edit knobs (Attack/ Release, Highpass/ Lowpass and Reverb).
  • Separate pan and volume control.
  • Volume automation via midi-controller and sequencer recording.
  • Outstanding „Randomize !“ function – Leave to chance!
  • Seven instrument categories.
  • Scenes (pre installed sound programs).
  • Gecko Complex Environs (featuring a limited amount of functions) is now available as a free download. The first Gecko instrument — Odd Mallets, will be available shortly.

Orchestral String Runs Library Promises To Help You Get The Runs Right

YouTube Preview Image

This is a sneak preview of Orchestral String Runs – a string library designed for creating individual, energetic string lines.

With the OSR – RUNS BUILDER, you are able to create your own runs, based on several figures and structures recorded with an huge orchestra. The Runs-Builder is only one part of a bigger sample-library.

via HendrikSchwarzer:

George Duke Soul Treasures

YouTube Preview Image

Native Instruments has introduced George Duke Soul Treasures, a new Kontakt instrument that offers over 500 licks that can be tweaked and re-arranged to provide royalty-free melodic elements for Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, House and similar genres.

For the library, George Duke recorded over 500 original keyboard phrases on his personal grand piano, electric piano, Wurlitzer and clavinet models. In the video below, Duke talks about the instruments he used and behind the scenes processes.

George Duke Soul Treasures can be used both with the free Kontakt Player and in the full-featured Kontakt 4 software sampler. Due to the advanced slicing and time-stretching functions in Kontakt, all loops automatically sync to the song tempo of the sequencer, and can be modulated, re-pitched, and even completely re-arranged in real-time via an intuitive keyboard trigger scheme.

For creative sound mangling, various multi-effect chains can be activated through the keyboard on the fly, with a flexible filter section and a studio-grade convolution reverb offering further sound shaping options. Every lick in George Duke Soul Treasures is also available in an additional “Tubes & Tape” version that was processed through a custom analog recording chain at George Duke’s studio, resulting in an even grittier authentic vintage sound.

George Duke Soul Treasures is available now for US $119 / 99 EUR. Continue reading

Cinesamples VOXOS Offers 35 GB Of Epic Virtual Choirs

YouTube Preview Image

Cinesamples has introduced Voxos, a new virtual instrument for Kontakt 4 containing a full epic choir, boys choir, soloists and individual choir legato sections.

Recorded at the beautiful Bastyr Chapel, with its gorgeous acoustics, the choirs were captured with multiple microphone positions in 24bit/48k 5.1 surround. The result is a pristine tone that sounds great right out of the box. VOXOS contains over 35,000 samples, at an uncompressed size of 35GB.

Check out the official intro video above to get a taste of how it works and sounds.

Voxos is available to pre-order for $799 until September 30, 2010 (35% off $1099 MSRP, $999 MAP).

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Waterphone Sample Library For Kontakt

Via Todd Barton, Uncharted Waters, an advanced Waterphone performance sampler:

This is a live, real-time performance sampler based on samples made with the blessing of Richard Waters, the inventor of the Waterphone. Samples are mapped to a keyboard in a to give the “feel” of actually playing a waterphone. Velocity, repeated key strokes, aftertouch and mowheel all interact for a surprising and inspiring timbral journey for the sonically curious.

This audio file was performed in a single pass without editing or external effects.

Original programming and design by Todd Barton and Joel Henigson.

Free Electric Guitar Sample Library For Kontakt

YouTube Preview Image

Theodor Krueger has released Yamaha Pacifica – a free electric guitar sample library for Kontakt 3 and above.

You may download the library from or directly from this link.

via TheodorKruegerMusic