Audiomodern Releases Sync 2, Polyrhythmic Sampler Instrument

Audiomodern has released Sync 2, a loop-based sampler instrument for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.*

SYNC 2 focuses on “futuristic sounding” electronic and glitch drum groove construction kits that blend IDM, Breaks, Organic, Ambient, Glitch, Trip-hop, Minimal, and “Futuristic” Electronica, among others.
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Sample Logic Announces Cinematic Guitars Infinity

Sample Logic has just announced the update and expansion of its Cinematic Guitars virtual instrument series: Cinematic Guitars Infinity.

Created for use with Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player, the new collection includes complete versions of Cinematic Guitars 1 and 2, while expanding the library with two completely new and original sample libraries, Cinematic Guitars 3 and Cinematic Guitars INFINITY.

Cinematic Guitars 3 is comprised of all new samples recorded by “guitar hero” Steve Ouimette. Cinematic Guitars Infinity is the amalgamation of the CG trilogy that came before, incorporating all of the samples from the CG libraries, with an updated and more capable interface, into a new cinematic virtual instrument.
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Embertone Releases ‘Next Generation’ Fischer Viola


Virtual instrument-maker Embertone has released Fischer Viola, an advanced virtual solo viola for Kontakt 5 Player.

Embertone developer Alex Davis says that Fischer Viola represents a “major leap forward”, in terms of musicality and technology.

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BPB Releases Free ‘Game Boy Drum Kit’ Sample Pack

Bedroom Producers Blog and SzcZ have released Game Boy Drum Kit, a free drum sample pack.

Game Boy Drum Kit features the sounds of a black Nintendo Game Boy running LSDJ software. The pack contains 64 unprocessed Game Boy samples in 24-bit WAV format, along with a set of NKI and SFZ patches.

The included samples are completely dry and unprocessed. In addition to the standard selection of 8-bit drum hits, the pack also contains a “bonus set” of classic chiptune style arpeggios, SFX hits and pulse wave bass samples.

Game Boy Drum Kit includes two types of NKI patches. The first one, GB Drums, is a simple Kontakt instrument with a set of basic control parameters; the second one, Game Bot, is an advanced experimental drum machine crafted by SzcZ (aka Fairly Confusing Waveforms).
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Output Debuts SIGNAL Pulse-Generating Instrument

Output have announced the release of their new, powerful pulse engine, Signal. This software instrument, created for use with Native Instruments’ Kontakt, focuses on generating pulses, combining “the warmth of fat analog and digital synths” with “the beauty of organic instruments.”

Output_SIGNAL_boxWorking from the premise that “nearly all music is centered on a pulse,” Output, who also created the REV software instrument, gathered a team of 70 designers and developers to build an instrument “that pushes beyond conventional limits of synths and samples.” Continue reading

Spitfire Releases ‘Extended Family’ Sample Libraries

EFM_SD01_DUSTBUNDLE_3DCompositional tools creator Spitfire Audio has announced the first releases in its “Extended Family” series of sample libraries, all produced by third-party developers. The first libraries released are SD01 Dustbundle, and Redcola Trailer Giant volume 1.

British sample developers Sound Dust have created the first library, SD01 Dustbundle, a purpose-built bundle comprising all six of the company’s top-selling, “most inspiring, and delightful” virtual instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt platform. The bundle has instruments sampled from vintage 19th century Scottish Dulcitone keyboards, tonewheel organs, a “plastic ghost piano,” and the hilariously named Grand Thrift Autoharp.
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8DM Debuts Deep House, vol 1

Today 8DM announced the release of the first volume in their new Deep House library.

Deep House Vol. 1 is a set of “chillaxing” Deep House multi-samples from drums, claps, synth perc, beats, organs, deep synth basses, “pluckey, spacey” ambient sounds, and white noise.

8DM Deep House Vol. 1 is available in three different formats: Maschine, Kontakt and Wavpack. The Wav-Pack alone contains over 2.6GB of samples. 8DM also offers all the formats in a comprehensive bundle.
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