Wave Alchemy Spotlights ‘Vintage’ Digital Drum Sounds With ‘Slim’ Version of Upcoming Digital Revolution

Wave Alchemy recently announced the release of a free, ‘slimmed down’ version of their forthcoming Digital Revolution instrument for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.

Powered by ‘Revolution Engine’ technology, the newly-relased Digital Revolution SE demo and forthcoming Digital Revolution virtual instrument spotlight vintage digital drum sounds from the 1980′s:

“We have faithfully captured the unique sound of 9 iconic digital drum machines (and 3 analogue ones!) spanning from 1980 to 1989, including all sample variations of the original drum machines, tune, decay and various other settings. Each drum sound has also been re-sampled multiple times through an iconic ‘grey’ 12-bit sampler to allow for real-time re-sample/grit modes which can easily be selected from the instrument interface!”
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Samplephonics Releases ‘Analogue Machines’

Samplephonics recently unveiled their new analog(ue) synth emulator, Nevo Analogue Machines, in collaboration with producer Yoad Nevo.

The virtual hybrid analogue synth contains over 17,000 recordings from 6 “classic” analog synths: Mini Moog, JX10, SH-101, Oberheim M6R, Juno 106 and the Korg MS10. Analogue Machines also includes a ton of presets (1000+), along with an arpeggiator, a sequencer, a chord generator, stereo and chorus effects, reverb and delay effects, as well as an LFO and ADSR envelopes. Continue reading

Output Launches New Company, New REV Collection For Kontakt

Output, a Los Angeles-based music software company is opening its doors Nov 12, 2013 and launching REV — calling it the world’s first collection of instruments, loops, rises, pads, pulses, swells and more — all in REVERSE.

Released in partnership with Native Instruments, REV is built within the Kontakt engine and is installable through the NI Service Center.

Over two years in the making, REV offers users the ability to play instruments in real time in reverse. The product includes over one thousand presets, spread over four engines. All sounds lock to tempo and work with all major DAWs. The engines boast a wide array of filters, stutters and FX that can enable the user to tweak the sound both in the studio and in performance. Continue reading

AudioThing Halloween Pumpkins For Kontakt + Halloween Sale

audiothing-halloween-pumpkins-sound-libraryAudioThing has released Halloween Pumpkins for Native Instrument Kontakt.

Halloween Pumpkins features samples and unusual sound design experiments with traditional Halloween pumpkins.

The sound library features spooky bowed textures, creepy hits, plucked rubber bands, a fake transistor organ and, of course, an experimental impulse response of the inside of a large pumpkin.


  • 12 Kontakt Instruments (.nki).
  • 5 Kontakt Multis (.nkm).
  • Up to 6 Round Robin samples.
  • 1 Custom Pumpkin IR.
  • 76 Samples (44.1kHz / 24-bit).
  • Size: 76 MB.
  • Formats: Kontakt and WAV .
  • Sample sets including: bowed textures, hits, plucked rubber bands, fake transistor organ.
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 or 5 full version required

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AudioThing releases Toy Marimba for Kontakt

AudioThing has released a new Toy Marimba instrument for Kontakt.

Toy Marimba features “a small tuned percussion instrument” made of rosewood and rope. Product developers describe how they created the virtual instrument:

“This handmade toy instrument was found in a distressed state and some work was required to restore its original functionality. It was sampled with wood and bamboo mallets, with 3 Round Robin repetitions and 3 velocity layers for the main hits. Slides and glissandos (up/down with 3 speeds) are also included along with slowed down samples crafted for wooden and airy textures.”

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NI’s Kinetic Metal Puts Cauldrons, Typewriters, Swords In Motion

Native Instruments this week introduced Kinetic Metal, a new instrument to help producers and sound designers create “ethereal sound beds, shifting textures, and delicate, tonal percussion.”

Comprised of over 200 multi-layered patches running in NI Kontakt 5*, Kinetic Metal combines sampled “unconventional” metal objects with artificial waveforms. The result is a broad range of atmospheric textures, mallet-like lead sounds, and delicate percussion. Two large, easy-to-use modification wheels allow users to quickly manipulate the sound. An auto-motion feature (explained at around 3:20 in the video, at the bottom of this story, as being “like an LFO on steroids“) allows users to set one or both of these wheels turning on their own, giving producers freedom to focus on performance.

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Gestural Orchestration With Leap Motion, GECO & Albion I

Film composer Hagai Davidoff has created a unique system for ‘gestural orchestration’, based around the Leap Motion controller and GECO, Geert Bevin’s gestural MIDI app.

The combination allows Davidoff to use his left hand to interactively orchestrate the notes played with his right hand on a standard keyboard controller.

In the first half of the video, Davidoff discusses his custom setup. The performance demo starts at about 6 min into the video.  Continue reading

OSCar For Kontakt Is ‘Chock Full Of Techno’

oscar-kontaktBoxed Ear has released OSCar, a virtual synthesizer library for Kontakt 4 and 5, made
entirely with the OSC OSCar synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The OSC OSCar is a legend amongst synthesizers.

Released in 1983 by the Oxford Synthesizer Company, it was a unique combination of analog and digital. The oscillators are a digital design with the capability of being able to build waveforms using additive synthesis. These feed into an analogue multi-mode filter design which was inspired by the Minimoog trick of looping the synths output back into the filter’s input to overdrive the filter circuits, resulting in a characteristically crunchy sound.

It’s not a Minimoog of course. It’s mostly digital, it aliases, its frequency range is limited and it’s not velocity sensitive, but despite these limitations it sounds wonderful. It has that indefinable mojo that is normally reserved for vintage analogue synths and that’s why it has a place in the Boxed Ear library of greats.

The OSCar – it’s chock full of techno and we love it.

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