Side-Chaining Electribes In Ableton Live

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This reader video tutorial takes a look at using side-chain compression in Ableton Live with hardware, in this case a pair of Korg Electribes:

Just wanted to share with you all my technique for doing side-chain compression on Electribes by running them thru Ableton Live. I use a combination of Audio and MIDI routing for a quick and easy effect.

via ‘Synthopia fan’ Tim Toner

Korg Monotribe Road Test

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Dubspot Instructor, DJ and producer Abe Duque takes a look at the Korg Monotribe and shares his thoughts on using it, in and out of the studio.

On a recent gig in Moscow, Duque added the Monotribe to his live setup, using it to cue in patterns on the fly during his set. Duque share his experiences and then offers a detailed overview of the Monotribe and a walk-through on how to update the OS.

via DubSpot

Introvert Glitch Jam (Machinedrum + Electribe + Biscuit)

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a glitch jam, with 2 Elektron Machinedrums, Kaoss pads, a Korg EMX-1 and an Oto Biscuit, via reader Dennis Stein.

Does Platform Matter Anymore? (Multiplatform Synth Jam)

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Does it matter what platform that you use to get your synth on anymore?

Analog, digital and virtual analog synths all have their strengths & weaknesses. And hardware, software and mobile synths each offer different ways of making music.

This live synth jam, Subvertic‘s Dark Hum, makes the case for making the most of each platform’s strengths, combining Korg EMX, Access Virus Snow, Sunrizer on the iPad and the Future Retro Revolution.

Musikmesse Rumor – The Korg Monotribe Analog Electribe

Korg MonotribeMusikmesse 2011 rumor: What would you do if you were Korg, and two of your hottest products in recent years were the Monotron and the Electribe?

If you think like me, you’d try cross-breeding them to see what happens.

And it looks like something like this may be in the works….

Korg recently registered the name Monotribe as a trademark for “multi-track rhythm and drum machines”. It was published for opposition yesterday, 3/29/2011.

We’d like to see the Korg Monotribe turn out to be Monotron-style synth with an Electribe-style sequencer – sort of a modern take on the classic Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer. If they could to this at “Electribe sized” prices, it would be a monster hit.

At this time, though, the Korg Monotribe is just a rumor. A pretty cool rumor.