Korg Monotribe System Update Adds CV/Gate Control


Several readers let us know about an update to the firmware for the Korg Monotribe that adds CV/Gate control:

Korg Japan have released a new system firmware, version 2.11, for the Korg Monotribe that adds a mode to control the Monotribe with analog control voltage and gate signals.

In CV/Gate mode, the Monotribe receives the CV/Gate signals from a 3.5mm four-connector TRRS plug inserted into the Sync In jack. A Monotribe with the update applied supports both exponential V/Oct and linear Hz/V control voltages, as well as positive and inverted gate signals.

Turning the octave select switch while in CV/Gate mode will transpose any incoming pitch signals up and down by octaves.

Here are some videos that demonstrate the new CV/Gate mode for the Korg Monotribe: Continue reading