Korg Monotribe System Update Adds CV/Gate Control


Several readers let us know about an update to the firmware for the Korg Monotribe that adds CV/Gate control:

Korg Japan have released a new system firmware, version 2.11, for the Korg Monotribe that adds a mode to control the Monotribe with analog control voltage and gate signals.

In CV/Gate mode, the Monotribe receives the CV/Gate signals from a 3.5mm four-connector TRRS plug inserted into the Sync In jack. A Monotribe with the update applied supports both exponential V/Oct and linear Hz/V control voltages, as well as positive and inverted gate signals.

Turning the octave select switch while in CV/Gate mode will transpose any incoming pitch signals up and down by octaves.

Here are some videos that demonstrate the new CV/Gate mode for the Korg Monotribe: Continue reading

Synth Jam With Korg Monotribe + DSI Tetra

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a funky synth jam, via reader Thomas Kress, that features the Korg Monotribe and the Dave Smith Instruments Tetra.

“Korg and Dave Smith have rocked the NAMM show!” notes Kress. “Here is an example of how they sound together.”