Korg nanoKontrol & nanoPad With The Moog Little Phatty & Korg R3

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Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher does a nice job of demonstrating the features of the Korg nanoKontrol and the Korg nanoPad, alongside synths from Moog and Korg, plus the B4II organ plug-in from Native Instruments.

Don’t miss the trick with the nanoPAD’s trackpad at the end.

KORG nanoPAD, DS-10 and Logic Pro 8 Effects

This nicely shot demo video combines KORG nanoPAD, DS-10 and Logic Pro 8 Effects.

Watch for the dancing hands effect!


KORG nanoPad controls Logic Pro 8 Effects.
Pad control X position synchronize EQ on Logic as Hipass filter.
Pad control Y position synchronize Echo wet on Logic.
It is mimicry of KORG KaossPAD KP3:-) 

Logic recorded sounds are played by DS-10 on Nintendo DSi.