Tubbutec Modysix Brings New Features To Korg Polysix & Poly-61

Tubbutec has introduced a new MIDI retrofit & upgrade for the Korg Polysix and Poly-61 synthesizers.

The Modysix is an upgrade for the Korg Polysix and Poly-61 synthesizer and features various additional play modes, a free definable arpeggiator, MIDI in/out, a sustain pedal input and various other features. Continue reading

Korg Legacy Collection Updated For 64-Bit Action

korg-mono-polyKorg has announced that the Korg Legacy Collection series is now available in 64-bit.

The Legacy Collection series, made up of software recreations of classic Korg gear, includes the MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, Wavestation and M1, as well as MDE-X effects processor and LegacyCell will now work on the latest 64-bit DAWs. Continue reading

Korg iPolysix Brings Classic Polysix Synth To iPad

Korg today introduced the iPolysix polyphonic synth studio for the iPad mini & iPad.

The new app features virtual studio that features a Polysix inspired soft synth, step sequencer, drum machine and more.

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Korg’s Hironori Fukuda On Developing For The Miselu Neiro

Development work is proceeding on the Miselu Neiro – the new Android-based multi-touch keyboard platform we called the ‘iPad of synths’.

The Neiro is a portable, net-enabled ‘social music device’. It offers a keyboard, a wide multi-touch display and a variety of musical apps and cloud services.

Miselu’s Malte Goesche shared some comments with us from Korg’s Hironori Fukuda on developing for the Neiro. Fukuda manages software development at Korg, including the Korg Legacy Collection & Korg’s iOS apps, and is porting PolySix to the Neiro.

“After spending some time becoming familiar with the neiro, it was really a no-brainer,” notes Fukuda. “We decided that it would offer a great opportunity to develop a synthesizer app with a totally new user experience.”

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A Guide To Reason Rack Extensions

YouTube Preview Image

This pair of videos, via producertech, take a look at getting started with Rack Extensions in Propellerhead Reason.

The first video, above, is an overview of the Korg Polysix Rack Extension. The movie takes you on a brief tour of the instrument, giving an outline of its controls and synth engine.

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Korg Polysix Rack Extension Now Available

Korg today introduced Polysix for Propellerhead’s Rack Extension plugin format. Korg Polysix is a software recreation of the classic 80′s polyphonic synthesizer.

Polysix for Reason uses Korg’s CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to model the electronic circuitry of the original analog instruments, capturing the sound and parameter response of the originals.

In addition to replicating the sound of the original, the Polysix for Reason also adds enhancements, including:

  • 32-voice polyphony (max)
  • Up to 16-voice unison (with detune/spread function)
  • Flexible external modulation settings
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • A spread function that adjusts the spaciousness of the effects.

The interface provides reorganized knobs and switches that resurrect the Polysix in a contemporary “rack-mountable” form for even more intuitive operation and sound-creating versatility.

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