Is This What The New Korg ARP Odyssey Will Sound Like?

There has been a lot of interest building in the Korg ARP Odyssey, since it was originally announced last year.

One of the key questions we had about the Korg ARP Odyssey reissue, though, was ‘Which version of the ARP Odyssey will Korg recreate?’ There were three distinct ARP Odyssey designs, with three different filters. Continue reading

‘Silent Night’, On Korg’s Module

Here’s a performance, via APP SOUND, of Silent Night, using

Studio Jam on the iPad for / on Christmas Eve, using the app KORG Module, playing a traditional christmas song.

Btw – I used the Program “Soft Tine EP” and modified it (= Stereo Tremolo, Amp Switch for a bit more Drive).

Behringer Teases $500 ARP Odyssey Clone


Behringer has an interesting holiday gift for Korg this year.

Last February, Korg announced that it was going to recreate the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer by releasing a Korg ARP Odyssey. In the same announcement, Korg also said that ARP co-founder David Friend was joining Korg as their chief advisor on the new Odyssey.

Today, Behringer announced that they might be making their own ARP Odyssey recreation – and pricing it at $500. Continue reading

Free Editor For Korg Volca Sample (Android, iOS, Mac & Windows)


Rej Poirier of Single Cell Software has introduced Caustic Editor for Volca Sample – a free, multiplatform (Android, iOS, Mac & Windows) app that lets you import, load, record, edit and upload samples for the Korg Volca Sample.

“Korg were nice enough to open up their volca sample SDK to 3rd parties,” says Poirer, “so I took a few days to rip out Caustic’s WAV editor and turn it into a stand-alone, multi-platform tool.”

“It was taken from my Caustic 3.2 working branch,” he adds, “so it even has a few more functions than what’s in Caustic 3.1!” Continue reading