Ambient Psychedelic Jam Session

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live 70s-inspired ‘ambient psychedelic’ jam session by VolcaRock.

Technical Details:


  • Volca Bass & Volca Beats into the sub mixer Behringer Xenyx 802

SYNTH RACK SETUP (*used on this track)

  • Roland Juno 60 (with Kenton MIDI PCB MK II)*
  • Doepfer MS 404
  • Waldorf Puls I
  • Waldorf Microwave I (with Access Programmer)
  • Nord Modular Rack*
  • Emu Proteus 2000
  • Yamaha Tx81z
  • Jomox Xbase 09 (special edition with Jazbase upgrade)*
  • Roland Rhythm 77
  • Roland DR-880
  • all Synths run into Soundcraft Spirit M12 into Main Mixer (TL Audio Fat Track)

Send FX Spirit M12:

  • Line 6 Echo Pro (Tape dub Delay)
  • Lexicon MPX 100 (Hall/Chamber)

SEQUENCER / MIDI KEYS: (*used on this track)

  • Yamaha RM1x* (Master Clock, no internal sounds used)
  • Analogue Solutions Europa
  • Roland PC 200 MKII
  • Miditech Midistart Midi 25*


  • Godin LGX-SA with Pedals in the following order (*used for this track)
  • Barber Tone Press*
  • Barber Small Fry*
  • EHX Micro Pog*
  • EHX Superego*
  • EHX Neo Clone (in Superego FX-Loop)*
  • EHX Small Stone (in Superego FX-Loop*)
  • Colorsound Tremolo Clone (in Superego FX-Loop)*
  • Neutron Filter (Mutron III Clone)*
  • Tech 21 Blonde V2*
  • Dunlop Volume Pedal GCB-80*
  • TC Electronic SCF Chorus Stereo Out*
  • Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere Stereo in & Out
  • EHX Memory Man Deluxe Tap Delay 1100 (R)*
  • Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter (L)*
  • Neunaber Wet Stereo Reverb (with Shimmer Update 1.0)*
  • Boomerang III Phrase Sampler/Looper Stereo* for live guitar loop &drone/soundscapes
  • into Main Mixer TL Audio Fat Track
  • all FX are on the Pedaltrain SC Pro


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