UVI Vintage Legends Recreates 6 Classic Synths

vintage-synth-legendsUVI today introduced Vintage Legends – a software synth bundle, for Mac & PC, that features virtual recreations of 6 iconic  synths.

Here’s what they have to say about Vintage Legends:

Take 6 iconic vintage synthesizers, carefully restore them, create a massive array of presets and deeply multi-sample them, professionally process and master the sounds, infuse them into the industry proven UVI Engine – giving you endless sound shaping options, then wrap the results in immaculately prepared GUIs and you’ve got UVI Vintage Legends.

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How to Build A Custom MIDI Controller

In the video below, controllerist Moldover explains, step-by-step, the evolution, design, and building of his custom Mojo MIDI controller:

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Ray Kurzweil Explains The Origin Of His Keyboards, The Coming Singularity

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Kurzweil has had a relatively low profile over the last few years – but seems to have regrouped and be making a comeback. As part of this, they are revisiting their heritage with Ray Kurzweil.

In this video, Ray Kurzweil shares the story of Stevie Wonder and the origin of the first Kurzweil keyboard. He’s joined by Kurzweil R&D gurus Tim Thompson and Hal Chamberlain. 

While obviously a promo video designed to promote the relevancy of the current Kurzweil line, the video offers an interesting view of the history of Kurzweil keyboards. And Ray Kurzweil even shares his vision of what it will be like to make music, once we reach ‘the singularity’!

The ‘Intense Sounds’ Of The Kurzweil K2000

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These videos, via Subtronik, showcase some of the ‘more intense sounds’ that the Kurzweil K2000 is capable of:

Here’s some personal examples of the K2000’s easy editing to create huge VA sounds in minutes.

The first four are post edits, while the fifth was done in real time to show dynamics, richness and the K2000’s massive features.

Even with the constant stream of new synth announcements, the Kurzweil K2 series still offers terrific bang for the buck, with a great set of controls, tons of ins and outs and great sound.

Free Download For Kurzweil PC3K

Kurzweil has released two new sound libraries for the PC3K line, SynthScapes and Take 6 Vocals, as free downloads:

These extensive sound collections were developed with painstaking attention to detail and recorded in some of the world’s best studios. They helped to build the legacy of the famous K2 Series keyboards and now they’re available to enhance the latest generation of Kurzweil instruments.

Synthscapes provides a palette of rich, complex digital waveforms, many of which are layered together and combined with analog filters. Bearing the name of the acclaimed vocal group, the Take 6 library features numerous vocal articulations, with a variety of single and ensemble voices.

Download the free sound libraries from the Kurzweil site.