Amazing Jean Michel Jarre Tour YouTube Videos

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Saturday Synth Porn: Jean Michel Jarre is on tour and there are some really amazing fan videos popping up on YouTube from his recent shows.

The ones featured here come from Jarre’s Braunschweig 03.03.10 show.

Above, Jarre plays the laser harp on Third Rendezvouz. Listen close and you may hear the cameraman singing a long……

Anybody else think that we need an affordable DIY kit for laser harp MIDI controllers?

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Little Boots Is Cool Again, Builds A DIY Laser Harp

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We liked Little Boots before she was cool and then she got cool and….then she wasn’t so cool any more.

But now she’s building a laser harp – so she’s cool again.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary of Little Boots on her quest to build a Laser Harp to use on tour.

To see the full documentary, you have to be a member at her site….which isn’t so cool.

Yeah, It’s A Friggin’ Multi-Laser Gestural Interface

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A short demonstration of the MLGI (Multi- Laser Gestural Interface) designed by Meason Wiley at California Institute of the Arts.

Strap it on a dolphin, and you’d have a lethal weapon.

The Multi- Laser Gestural Interface is an open source and modular “free-gesture” controller that uses beams of laser light along with photo resistors to create a physical, fluid musical instrument.

With the MLGI, Wiley is attempting to bring a physical interactivity to electronic music performance. By removing the performer from behind the laptop, the audience becomes aware of the performer’s interaction with the controller, which creates an instant visual connection between the sound and the performer.

The MLGI was created using Dan Overholt’s multi I/O CREATEUSB or CUI interface, which, along with the programming language ChucK, can be made to send MIDI or OSC via USB port.

For more information about this open-source + modular controller,  visit

Laser Harp Gear Porn From Nortec Collective

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Here’ something to be thankful for – laser harps!

Nortec Collective is building a laser harp, from a design made by Stephen Hobley:

Luis Vargas our technician guru is in charge of making this instrument work, the plan is to use it on our live presentations for controlling our synthesizer, Here is a preview, coming soon in our Bostich+Fussible 2009 tour. 

Latest Make Magazine Explores DIY Music

The latest issue of Make magazine, Make 15, looks like it will be a must-by for anyone interested in music DIY projects. 

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  • 21st-Century Keytars by Owen Grace – Make your own ?music with ?Guitar Hero ?controllers.? 
  • Drumbot Activate! by Michael Una – This MIDI kit just wants to bang on the drum all day.? Page 60
  • Laser Harp by Stephen Hobley – Play strings of light, using laser pointers, rangefinders, photocells, and Arduino. 
  • The MoofTronic Mini Synth by Brian McNamara – New sounds? from a truly tiny ?instrument. 
  • Stomp Box Basics: Tremolo and Fuzz by Charles Platt – Simple guitar effects circuits you can build. 
  • Music at Maker Faire – Just a few of the wild and wonderful music acts at our Bay Area event. 
  • Electronic Drum Kit by Tom Zimmerman – Velocity-sensitive impact sensors in PVC pipes interface to a micro drum machine.