Beamz Virtual DJ Lets You DJ With Frickin’ Laser Beams


Musikmesse 2013: Beamz Interactive today announced their strategic collaboration with DJ audio and video mixing software developer, Virtual DJ, which has produced a new version of Virtual DJ LE that works with the Beamz Pro laser controller.

The Beamz Pro for DJs, which uses lasers as a performance tool, is being shown this week at Musikmesse. Continue reading

Does This Laser-Controlled Musical Church Satisfy Your Need For Audio-Visual Nihilism?

Archifon is a big interactive virtual musical instrument, created by The Macula Project, originally made for the Olomouc Baroque de-baptized chapel.

Architectural elements within the chapel are turned into laser-controlled triggers by mapping a virtual surface to the chapel’s interior.

Up to ten visitors at a time can interact with the Archifon through the laser pointers. By pointing on any of more than 100 elements different audiovisual actions are initiated.

The Macula Project, based out of the Czech Republic, Prague, explores the relationship between image, sound and viewer.

“The goal is to achieve perfect symbiosis and satisfy audio-visual nihilism,” according to The Macula Project. “Everything becomes an illusion.”

Let us know what you think of this project – and whether it satisfies your need for audio-visual nihilism!

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Awesome Kinect-Powered Laser MIDI Controller

Matt Davis hacked a Kinect, using OpenNI & Max/MSP, to create an awesome laser MIDI controller.

With it mapped to Ableton Live and Henry Strange’s MIDI to DMX Laser Control System, Matt demonstrates his a/v control system.

Jean Michel Jarre’s Elka Synthex Preset

YouTube Preview Image

This video demonstrates the source of Jean Michel Jarre‘s famous “laser harp” sound – an Elka Synthex preset.

First we find out that the synth master finger synced his early performances – now that he uses presets. Quel dommage!

Jarre made this sound memorable, though, through both his music and his iconic laser harp performances. Continue reading

A Laser-Based Artificial Synesthesia Instrument

YouTube Preview Image

scoreLight at Miraikan

scoreLight” is a prototype musical instrument capable of generating sound in real time from the lines of doodles as well as from the contours of three-dimensional objects nearby (hands, dancer’s silhouette, architectural details, etc).

There is no camera nor projector: a laser spot explores the shape as a pick-up head would search for sound over the surface of a vinyl record – with the significant difference that the groove is generated by the contours of the drawing itself. The light beam follows these countours in the very same way a blind person uses a white cane to stick to a guidance route on the street. Continue reading