BT & Dr Richard Boulanger Introduce MUSE, An Ambient Instrument For The Leap Motion

Superstar electronic music producer BT & Dr Richard Boulanger, Professor of Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music, have released a new music app, MUSE, which works with the Leap Motion controller & OS X.

The MUSE app gives the user the ability to create ambient electronic music using gestures, captured by the Leap Motion.

Here’s an introduction into MUSE and how it works: Continue reading

Free GECO Update Adds User-Requested Features

GECO-MIDIDeveloper Geert Bevin let us know that he’s released an update to GECO, his gestural music controller for the Leap Motion.

“Many GECO users have reached out with requests for improvements and new features,” says Bevin. “This release incorporates most of them and is available as a free update through the Airspace store.”

Highlights of this release are: Continue reading

2014 NAMM Sneak Preview – AeroMidi 3D MIDI Controller Software

aeromidi2014 NAMM Show: Acoustica has released AeroMIDI 3D MIDI controller software for Mac & WIndows.

AeroMIDI uses 3D input devices, like the Leap Motion, to track your hand in space, allowing you to control any MIDI software or MIDI hardware. AeroMIDI lets you use your hands in 3D space to trigger notes and MIDI continuous controller messages.

AeroMIDI works with any MIDI software or hardware, and lets you control synthesizers, lighting rigs, DAWs, effects, virtual instruments, and any other MIDI-capable hardware or software.

Here’s a demo of AeroMIDI 3D in action: Continue reading

Live Sampling Improvisation, Raw & Uncut

Sunday Synth Jam: The following video captures a raw and uncut live improvisation, via Tyler of Perplex On, with an iPad running Samplr, a toy music box, Ableton Push, NI Maschine and a Leap Motion Sensor. Continue reading

Geco MIDI Gesture Control For Leap Motion Review

Gestural motion control for musicians has gone from being ‘Minority Report’ fantasy to being an inexpensive reality in the last year.

The combination of the Leap Motion (about $80) and Geert Bevin’s Geco MIDI (about $10) creates a powerful gestural control system. But does gestural control, which looks cool in sci fi, deliver as a practical tool? Continue reading

Cubase Brings Gestural Control To The DAW

Steinberg has introduced Cubase iC Air – a free system that brings gestural control to Cubase.

Cubase iC Air works with the Leap Motion controller or depth cameras developed using the Intel perceptual technology SDK 2013. It gives you the ability to control Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 with the movement of your hands: adjust faders and EQ, navigate through arrangements, use transport controls.

You can use pre-defined gesture commands for transport control, navigation and more. You can also control virtually any parameter through Advanced Integration.  Continue reading