K-Devices Debuts New Max For Live Device, ‘TED’

K-Devices has released a new Max For Live device, TED, a “highly editable” function generator with CV/Gate output.

TED allows the user to modulate a broad range of things in Ableton Live, including the user interface, other devices and third-party plug-ins, with complex waveforms and functions.
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Brute LFO Turns Your iOS Device Into A Modular Synth Controller

brute-lfo-ipadBrute LFO is a new app that turns your iOS device into a modular synth controller.

If you have a hardware synth that allows you to use external gear to modulate the pitch, the filter, or any other parameter, your can plug the Brute LFO into the CV in and start playing.

Brute LFO consists of three separate LFOs. LFO 1 and 2 can be controlled using the control elements in the top half of the screen. The big knob in he middle sets the rate of both the LFOs. Additionally you can change the waveforms of the LFOs, detune LFO 2 and change its phase. The amount knob in the top half also sets the overall amount of the modulation.

The elements on the bottom half (LFO 3) can be used to modulate the frequency of LFO 1 and 2.
And the brute switch destroys everything!

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Audulus Update Lets You Modulate Anything

Developer Taylor Holliday has released an update to Audulus, his modular synth for the iPad.

The key feature of this update is the ability to modulate knobs, demonstrated with an LFO in the video above. In effect, this lets you modulate just about anything.  Continue reading

LFO – A Movie About The Dark Side Of Synth Power

This is the official montage/teaser video for LFO – an upcoming film about the dark side of synth power:

LFO is a dark comedy/drama/Sci-Fi about a man who realizes that he can hypnotise with sound. He starts experimenting on his neighbors, where the abuse of power takes over and, eventually, severe consequences for mankind are at stake.

via Bronco VIlle, matrixsynth

Vermona fourMulator Quad Digital LFO For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers (Sneak Preview)

Vermona shared this sneak preview of a new module for Eurorack modular synthesizers, the fourMulator.

Official pricing and details are to be announced, but this summary is available:

It’s a Quad Digital LFO & Gate-Generator. It contains 4 equal LFOs with 6 waveforms each: Sine, Tri, Saw, Ramp, Pulse and S&H. Units 2, 3 and 4 are clockable or phaseable (!) to LFO1 or the next one to the left.

Furthermore you will find beside the Wave-Out: CV-In, Reset-In and Gate-Out (full cycle).

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