Edit Ableton Live Clips On The iPad With Griid Cliip Module

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This is a preview of Cliip, a new module for Liine Griid that allows you to create and edit MIDI clips with your fingertips using an elegant touch-enabled piano roll:

Cliip makes editing MIDI clips a truly live, musical experience. The piano roll is now an instrument too. Paint notes onto the smooth zoomable grid. Use intuitive multitouch gestures to edit note length and velocity – no need to LEARN it, just FEEL it. Snap/Fine and Percussive/Melodic modes and the powerful Duplicate function will help you unleash your creativity. Use in the studio to effortlessly create that killer hook or get personal with your audience and truly create music in front of them.

The Cliip module is initially available only when running on iPad. Cliip will run on iPhone and iPod Touch too in the next update.

Details at the Liine site.

If you’ve tried out Griid, let us know what you think of it!

Griid Turns Your iPad Into A Modular Control Hub For Ableton Live

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Liine has announced Griid, a new modular touch control system for Ableton Live and iPad, co-developed with Richie Hawtin.

Griid had it’s world premiere performance at Movement 2010, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

Richie Hawtin, above, performing as Plastikman, took to the stage with two iPads running Griid.

Griid was used to trigger clips from an Ableton Live set, which trigger musical events as well as visual events in Derivative’s touch designer and lighting. Hawtin uses Griid during soundcheck to be able to play his live show remotely from the Front of House mixer, 100 metres away from the stage setup and the rest of his gear. Continue reading