An Interview With Synth Designer Axel Hartmann

This video captures an interview, via Nick Batt and sonicstate, with industrial designer Axel Hartmann.

If you’ve played a synthesizer, there’s a good chance you’ve played one designed by Axel Hartmann. Hartmann is responsible for the industrial design of:

  • Waldorf synths, including the MicroWave, Wave, Blofeld and others;
  • the Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer;
  • the Hartmann Neuron;
  • the Access Virus Polar;
  • the Moog Little Phatty and Minimoog Voyager XL;
  • Arturia’s Origin, Spark & MiniBrute;
  • the StudioLogic Sledge;
  • the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer;
  • and many others.

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Moog Kills Little Phatty, But The Phatness Lives On

little_Phatty_PRMoog Music today announced the that it was discontinuing the Little Phatty Stage II analog synth.

Moog plans to build a limited quantity of units at their North Carolina factory “while parts and materials last,” which is expected to be two months at most.

The Little Phatty was released in 2006 as a tribute Dr. Bob Moog. It was the first Moog synthesizer designed by Moog Music’s Chief Engineer, Cyril Lance. Over the course of its seven-year run, the Little Phatty has gone through three incarnations: The Tribute, Stage I, and Stage II; and it has been used by Rush, Jack White, Queens of The Stone Age, No Doubt, Bernie Worrell and others.

In conjunction with the announcement, Moog Music released a short documentary that looks at the Making of the Little Phatty, and explains why the ‘Phat knob’ had to be cut: Continue reading

Bob Moog Prototype Photos


Saturday Synth Porn: Moog Music has shared a collection of detailed photos of some of Bob Moog’s prototypes and development boards. The prototypes are for some of his later designs, including the Minimoog Voyager, Etherwave Pro and Little Phatty. Continue reading

Crystal Spaceship – Space Music From Bruno Ender Lee

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Bruno Ender Lee put together this extended space music video, which collects six live synth jams into a ‘video album’, Crystal Spaceship.

Part 1: Crystal Spaceship (includes: “Ice Crystals”, “Spaceship” & “Midnight”)

Part 2: Astral Clockwork (includes: “Spaceship_2”, “Astral Clockwork” & “Astral Odyssey”)

Composed, arranged & produced by Bruno Ender Lee; 2012 Velvet Voyage Productions

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Using The iPad To Add Oscillators To Your Analog Synthesizer

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This quick video tip, via Jim McLaren, demonstrates how you can use an iPad, running Animoog, with the Moog Little Phatty to create a three-oscillator synth.

Used effectively, this approach can give you the best of both worlds – ie., hardware control  + inexpensive synthesis + analog filter – and could also open up some new options for experimentation.