New 4DSOUND System Inspired By Nikola Tesla

4DSOUND is a new immersive audio system that allows for evolving changes in three-dimensional positioning of sound.

Despite the emergence of professional and consumer surround-sound systems, most live performances still rely on stereo (or even summed mono) sound, with an audience hearing most of the music from one direction.

4DSOUND is built from expansive array of speakers, a Max-based core, and custom Max for Live devices that allow for sound to be positioned anywhere within the system’s space.

In the video above, 4DSOUND founder Paul Oomen talks about its conception, and Martin Stimming discusses performing with the system.

In the second video, below, Ableton Creative Developer Salvador Breed explains some of the technology that powers 4DSOUND, and how Max for Live is at the core of control of the system:

4DSOUND will be featured at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. You can find out more about the system at the 4DSOUND site.

Stimming has shared a high-quality, binaural recording of his full set. You can listen to the set via the embed below:

Note: To get an approximation of the spatial effects, headphones are required.

Technical details:

MFB Tanzbär, Clavia Nordrack2, TeenageEngineering OP-1, Arturia Microbrute and AbletonLive as master clock, sampler and midi sequencer.

Stimming notes, “Everything on the 4D sound was tweaked by hand in real-time, as well as the whole arrangement. I preprogrammed some chords and grooves on my machines though.”