DAW-Free Electronic Music Recording With Cakefolder

Cakefolder (Sam Di Nitride) has released a new album, Possibilities, that explores working within the limitation of performing everything live, using Korg Volca boxes and an Electribe 2.

Each of the tracks was recorded live, on video, in the studio.

“I went for a DAW-free music production process and videoed myself doing the performances,” he notes. “Some of the songs are proper song format with vocalists. They get to perform via triggered samples.” Continue reading

Live Television Techno Performance By Austrian Apparel

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live television performance by Austrian Apparel.

“Here’s a live performance of two of our tracks (Sky Deep + Gaaxy),” says reader Dominik Traun of the band Austrian Apparel. “We take it serious calling ourselves a live techno act. No preproduced loops, no MIDI, no laptops, no CD players, mistakes included.” Continue reading