Synthrotek Intros 8-Channel OR-Combiner For Euro Modulars

combine-or-productSynthrotek has introduced The Combine-OR – an 8 channel OR-Combiner, with 4 inputs and 1 output per channel.

The Combine-OR allows the user to combine gates, triggers and other logic signals into a single combined OR output.

There are 8 numbered rows that can be daisy-chained in order to input many multiple logic sources, resulting in complex gate or trigger outputs.

This is a passive module and thus does not need a voltage connection or power cable. The passive diodes produce a slight voltage drop between the input and the output of each channel. As a gate combiner it will combine 2 to 4 gate inputs to produce an OR function on the output. Continue reading

McDSP 64-bit AAX Plug-Ins For ProTools 11 Available

McDSP_AAX_64-bit_ProTools11This week, McDSP announced the release of 64-bit AAX plug-ins (Native and DSP) for Pro Tools 11. This release is a Mac-only release, requires the iLok2, and is a free upgrade for McDSP v5 customers.

A 64-bit Windows release will be coming shortly. McDSP customers not using v5 can upgrade their McDSP plug-ins at

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Logic Isn’t Dead – Despite The Rumors

Logic Pro XIt appears that the reports of the death of Logic may have been exaggerated.

Last week, the site Pro Tools Expert kicked off the Logic Pro death watch with a blog post that said that “Apple’s Pro Audio application team is virtually gone.”

According to a statement from Apple, though, the Logic isn’t dead, despite the rumors.

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New DAW Control App Released For iPad

Wiksnet has released DAW Control – a new wireless DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) controller app for the iPad.

DAW Control is optimized for Apple Logic and Ableton Live, but it supports Logic Control and Mackie Control protocols.

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Apogee Intros Quartet for Mac

This week, audio recording equipment manufacturer Apogee Electronics unveiled a new desktop audio interface and control center for the Mac, called Quartet.

The first USB MIDI interface from Apogee, the Quartet features a signature single controller knob, four inputs, eight outputs, MIDI, and top panel display and control.

Quartet connects to any Mac via USB 2.0 high-speed for extremely low-latency and stellar performance. Quartet connects at high-speeds no matter the machine or sample rate; 44.1-192kHz.

Quartet’s four combination inputs offer microphone, instrument and line input with a gain range of up to 75 dB, leaving headroom for microphones and sound sources. For additional channels, Quartet’s eight digital inputs create the option of connecting an external interface, like the Apogee Ensemble.

The Quartet’s six balanced outputs deliver options for the video producer to mix in surround, for the live performer to send multiple mixes to monitors and front-of-house and for the mixer to send a mix to outboard compressors and EQs. Using Apogee’s Maestro software, the outputs will also split into three stereo pairs for connecting three speaker sets for auditioning mixes across various types of studio monitors.

The Quartet’s USB MIDI connection consolidates all gear connections away from the Mac, making Quartet the control center for any studio.

Quartet works with any Core Audio-compatible application including Logic, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Final Cut, and Ableton Live.

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