New Media Art & Sound Summit Coming June 11-13 To Austin


The New Media Art & Sound Summit is coming June 11-13 to Austin TX.

The event is described as a’ 3-day festival of adventurous sound and vision’. Continue reading

Interview With Analog Video Visionary Liz Larsen Of LZX Industries

liz-larsen-lzx-industriesProgrammer/module designer Darwin Grosse let us know that analog video superstar Liz Larsen is featured on the latest episode of his Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Liz Larsen is a multimedia programmer and owner/designer of LZX Industries, a company that specializes in Eurorack format synthesizer modules designed for video.

Here’s what Grosse has to say about the interview: Continue reading

New Video Made With Modular Synthesizer – Tform

Reader Matos let us know about Tform – a film about transformation, reproduction, mutation and decay that was made with an LZX Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Animation generated in 2d animation software, processed, and feed into LZW video synth. Input is manipulated and feed into an oscilloscope and refilmed.

Sound design with Reaktor 5.

Video Synthesis From LZX Visionary Modules

Michael MatosCusp – A Remembrance of the Forgotten is a short film synthesized using LZX Visionary modules, ‘my dearest Eurorack pals’ and an oscilloscope.

Matos explains:

A small basic lzx system using the vsg, into the tvp, into the video ramps to boost the signal straight to the oscilloscope.

I used a variety of euro, especially the WMD gamma wave, Maths, anti-oscillator, and the piston honda. I’m trying to explore a more primitive palette, than the one you usually see from the lzx. It’s a highly flexible system, and one that easily adapts to your vision.

For more info on these modules, see our LZX Industries posts and the LZX site.

LZX Visionary Video Waveform Generator

YouTube Preview Image

LZX Industries’ Video Waveform Generator is a Eurorack synthesizer module designed for manipulating video.

It features a wide range analogue voltage-controlled oscillator with five waveform outputs, pulse-width modulator, and waveshapers, versatile pattern and wipe generation and animation control source.

According to LZX:

What your ear may hear as a subtle difference, your eye may see as a huge one. Since the end results in video synthesis are visual: texture, pattern, and shape instead of audio, there are a number of features and controls in this VCO design that take into consideration this unique application.

The video offers a general overview and demonstration of the Video Waveform Generator’s various features.

The LZX Industries Video Waveform Generator retails for $359.00.

For more specifications, see the LZX site.

LZX Visionary Video Oscillator Demo

YouTube Preview Image

This video is a technical introduction to the LZX Industries Video Wave Form Generator modules and the concepts of modular video synthesis.

LZX makes a line of Eurorack format modular video synthesizer modules, designed for creating and manipulating video and images. Continue reading

The LZX Monolith Analog Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

The LZX Industries Monolith is a performance monosynth based on the MFOS (Music From Outer Space) Soundlab Plus, featuring a 37 key 1V/Oct keyboard, as well as extensive modulation controls. 

This video demonstrates control via an external sequencer. A Midibox SEQ3 controls both oscillators and gates the envelope generator.

It’s unclear if this is simply a nice DIY synth or if LZX plans to release this commercially.