MacBeth Intro Elements One Eurorack Monster Module


Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems has shared some images of his prototype for a new Eurorack monster module – the Element 1. It is the first of a set of five planned 3U Eurorack-sized 84HP synthesizer modules.

According to MacBeth, the sound of Elements 1 is “a sum of parts -‘Spike’ Oscs meet Acidic Filter which goes through a classic VCA.” It’s inspired by the look of classic British synths and the sounds of classic Japanese synths:

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MacBeth Micromac-r Makes “One Hell Of A Lot Of Sound”

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Here’s another sneak preview, via Ken MacBeth, of the upcoming Micromac-r synthesizer.

“This is the first test that I have done of the micromac-r synthesizer since this test example came back from the assembly plant,” says MacBeth. “All is good! It’s working perfectly! One hell of a lot of sound come from a very micro sized unit!”

Check it out and let us know what you think!

The MacBeth Touch Keyboard (Sneak Preview)

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In this video, Ken MacBeth Of MacBeth Studio Systems demonstrates a prototype of a new touch keyboard.

Here’s what he has to say about the touch keyboard:

This is a demo of the touch keyboard that I’m working on. Gone is the physical stylus- now a finger with a small piece of foil is acting as the actuator! It’s fun and it works.

The touch keyboard is playing the MacBeth Micromac desktop unit via it’s CV inputs. I’m using a fair bit of sample and hold- LFO1 S&H is sampling the LFO2 Triangle wave- is sounds a little bit like sequences or arpeggios.

I’m also using the CV from the touch keyboard to control the speed of LFO1- at the very bottom of the keyboard- it’s 0 Volts- at the top it’s about 3 and half volts- so the LFO speeds up and slows down accordingly.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

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Crystal Spaceship – Space Music From Bruno Ender Lee

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Sunday Synth Jam: Bruno Ender Lee put together this extended space music video, which collects six live synth jams into a ‘video album’, Crystal Spaceship.

Part 1: Crystal Spaceship (includes: “Ice Crystals”, “Spaceship” & “Midnight”)

Part 2: Astral Clockwork (includes: “Spaceship_2”, “Astral Clockwork” & “Astral Odyssey”)

Composed, arranged & produced by Bruno Ender Lee; 2012 Velvet Voyage Productions

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Micromac Eurorack System With Dual SV Filter Demo

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Ken MacBeth demos the MacBeth Studio Systems Micromac, in Eurorack format, along with the Dual SV Filter.

The MicroMac 3U Eurorack version is priced at £1100.00 GBP; the desktop version is  priced at £1450.00 GBP

See our previous MicroMac synthesizer posts for more demos. Details on the MicroMac are available at MacBeth’s site.

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