New MacBook Pros Offer Faster Processors, Improved Graphics, Longer Battery Life & Lower Prices


Apple today updated MacBook Pro with Retina display, with fourth generation Intel Core processors, improved graphics performance, longer battery life, faster flash storage and next generation Wi-Fi.

“We’ve made the world’s best pro notebook even better by adding more performance and even longer battery life,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “MacBook Pro with Retina display continues to redefine the pro notebook.”

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Transistorbass Live At Elektrostat 2008

Transistorbass captured their gig at the Elektrostat festival in Oslo, Norway on the 7th of October 2008.

Though this is low-budget and the sound quality is mediocre, Transistorbass does a good job of capturing their gig. 

“With regards to the sound: don’t worry about the severely distorted bass – it is on the recording side, it’s not your speakers,” they warn. 

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Free Music From Abre Ojos

Eighth in an ongoing series of live sound & visual improvisations by Abre Ojos, using a modular synthesizer, Dave Smith Evolver, Nord Micro Modular and Quartz Composer on a MacBook Pro.

You can preview satrae sant chugre below; check out the Abre Ojos site for more free music and experimental electronic music videos.

Paul Van Dyk’s Gear List

Paul Van Dyk

Apple has an interesting profile on DJ Paul Van Dyk. It looks at how he’s working now, and also provides a current look at the gear he uses:

“I’ve developed the same passion I have for making music as I have for DJing over the last 15 years,” he says. “It’s the ultimate thing to be able to combine both. I can use my production skills as well as my skills as a DJ together to create new things live. The whole experience of me playing music is much more intense because it fits the atmosphere of the moment, of the set, of the venue, and of the crowd.”
Paul Van Dyk’s Studio Gear

When he’s not on the road, van Dyk turns out tracks at his Berlin studio. The electronic music laboratory is packed with old analog gear and the latest Macs running Logic Studio.


  • MacBook Pro
  • Mac Pro (in the studio)
  • Logic Studio
  • Ableton Live
  • Spectrasonics

Outboard Gear

  • Euphonix EuCon Console
  • Allen & Heath 3D Mixer
  • Evolution UC33e USB MIDI Controller
  • Akai MIDI controllers

Vintage Outboard Gear:

  • Roland Juno 60
  • Roland Juno 106
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • Roland TB-303

“My music production starts in Logic,” he says. “I usually nail down a speed, then get a nice drum loop going for some rhythm. Then I lay down chords or a bass line or some piano—some stuff like that. When I feel the musical idea I have is coming across, and I can feel it, I get to properly blowing it up and doing drum programming and better bass line sequences.” Continue reading