MIDIbox 16 x 16 Matrix Sequencer Jam

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Sunday Synth Jam: This is a sneak preview + synth jam using  a prototype 16 x 16 matrix button controller with MIDIBox Seq v4:

The frontpanel hasn’t been created yet, and it’s difficult to push the mini buttons without button caps. But playing with this toy is already a lot of fun!

via MIDIbox

New iPad Sampling Groovebox App – moxMatrix

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iPad Music Software: moxMatrix (App Store link) is a new $4.99 app that turns your iPad into a unique electronic musical instrument.

While there are already some matrix synthesizers available for the iPad, moxMatrix lets you load up your own samples.

If you’ve used moxMatrix, leave a comment with your thoughts on it! Continue reading

10 Sequencers, 16 Knobs – The Tiptop Z8000 Matrix Sequencer Explained

Matthew Davidson (Stretta) made this video, which demonstrates the Tiptop Audio Z8000 matrix sequencer.

As always, Davidson’s video looks fantastic and does a great job of demonstrating the gear. This is expecially welcome with the Tiptop Audio z8000, which is a little complicated to wrap your brain around.

The Z8000 is a beast – if you’ve used it, leave a comment about it! Continue reading

New Matrix Synthesizer For The iPad – Tone Pads HD


Flaming Mitten has introduced Tone Pads HD – a new $1.99 matrix synthesizer for the Apple iPad:

TonePads HD is an homage to matrix sequencers such as the Tenori-On.

Featuring a 16×16 tone grid, and 5 different instrument patches.

While it’s described as an homage to the Tenori-On – it looks like it’s via the ToneMatrix.

The Tip Top Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

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In this video, Surachai demos the Tip Top Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer.

Surachai notes:

The Z8000 is composed of 10 separate sequencers that can run independently from each other.

Eight of the sequencers are 4 steps and these are indicated by the red lights

    • Four of these four step sequencers go horizontally.
    • The other four – four step sequencers go vertically.

Two sixteen step sequences are indicated by two green lights and they both begin on the top left.

  • One of the sixteen step sequencers cycle through the matrix horizontally.
  • The other sixteen step sequencer cycles through the matrix vertically.

See Surachai’s site for more details.

Monome Grayscale Review

Michael Chenetz of Max4Live.info shares his thoughts on the monome grayscale, the latest monome. It features gray, high-contrast LEDs.