Special Deal On Meeblip SE Synthesizer Through Dec 7th

If you’ve been considering getting a Meeblip SE synthesizer – the updated version of the hackable, open source monophonic synth – now might be a good time do it.

The developers are offering Synthtopia readers $20 off the $149.95 price of the new ‘retro edition’ Meeblip SE. To get the discount, enter the word ‘synthtopia’ as the Discount Code when you check out at their site.

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MeeBlip SE Synthesizer Offers An Open Source Alternative To Mainstream Synths

Create Digital Music and Reflex Audio have announced the availability of the MeeBlip SE, a new version of their open source + open hardware digital synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in the MeeBlip SE:

  • A more intuitive, playable control layout. The changes are subtle, but after lots of conversations with users, we worked to make each knob and switch the choice we liked best. (Of course, you can still modify those choices via our open source firmware, if you like.)
  • Patch storage. Sure, it was a bit more “pure” never being able to store patches, but this is a digital synth, after all. Now, you can save and recall up to 16 patches right on the MeeBlip, using dedicated front panel load and save buttons. It’s especially nice for live performance.
  • Variable pulse width. Instead of a fixed square wave, you can now use the dedicated PWM knob to adjust the timbre of the first oscillator. There’s also a “pwm sweep” switch for enabling an automated PWM envelope, of which we’ve grown rather fond. Hello, thick synth leads.
  • Anti-aliasing. You can now use more pristine anti-aliased waveforms, or turn this off for other timbral effects. It gives you another option for coloring the MeeBlip’s sound.
  • Control everything with MIDI. It’s simple: if there’s a sound parameter in the MeeBlip, there’s a switch or knob to play with it. And now, the reverse is true, too: if you see a switch or knob, you can control it via MIDI. At last, you can use a tracker or sequencer to program detailed MeeBlip sounds.

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Meeblip SE Synthesizer Available Soon – Here Are The Details

Meeblip SE synthesizer

Developer James Grahame has released details on the upcoming Meeblip SE synthesizer – an updated version of the Meeblip open hardware synth. The design retains the basic interface of the original, with the addition of features that make it more powerful (like an adjustable PWM waveform) and easier to use (patch storage).

New Features:

  • Sixteen patch memories (accessed by tapping the save/load button and flipping one of the sixteen front panel switches)
  • Two envelopes – a dual-mode A/D or A/S/R amplitude envelope and an A/D envelope for the filter
  • Bandlimited oscillators (with optional raw waveforms, if aliasing is your thing)
  • Dual-mode PWM waveform on oscillator A. Select either a pulse wave with user-programmable width, or sweep the pulse width with user-programmable sweep speed
  • New triangle waveform on oscillator B
  • Filter envelope amount has been added to the front panel
  • Extended MIDI parameter control
  • A redesigned front panel
  • There are also a few board tweaks to reduce noise.

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Meeblip SE Synthesizer Coming In July

Meeblip SE Synthesizer

Developer James Grahame has announced the MeeBlip SE synthesizer:

It’s probably safe to let the cat out of the bag — we’ll be unveiling meeblip se in mid-July.

The new MeeBlip will include bandlimited oscillators, a tweaked panel layout, a second envelope, extended MIDI capabilities and many other improvements. Current MeeBlip owners will be able to upgrade the firmware and replace the front panel to get se functionality. We’ll also unveil a few hardware changes that will make the synth easier to assemble and use. More on that in a few weeks.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is – he’s also declared war on Canada.

Details at the MeeBlip site.