Sennheiser Intros Ambeo Earbud-Style Binaural Microphones

At CES 2017, Sennheiser introduced the AMBEO Smart Surround VR microphone – binaural mics that you wear earbud-style. The system is designed to let you record and listen to binaural audio recordings with your smartphone. The Smart Surround is Sennheiser’s first consumer VR mic product. The company says that the system creates immersive, binaural audio that complements the high-quality video… Read More Sennheiser Intros Ambeo Earbud-Style Binaural Microphones

How To Use A Contact Mic For Sound Design

Chris Randall (Analog Industries) shared this video that looks at how to use a contact mic for sound design. “I think I struck a happy medium here between showing the basic techniques and showing some stuff that more advanced users might find interesting,” notes Randall.  “I’ll let you be the judge. Let me know in the comments.”

IK Multimedia Intros Mic Room, Turns Your SM-58 Into A Neumann U67

Can’t afford a vintage Neumann U67 microphone? IK Multimedia has introduced Mic Room – a microphone-modeling app that lets you ‘re-mic’ recordings, giving you a virtual mic collection.  They’ve modeled the frequency response and characteristics of a variety of microphones, letting you record with an $100 Shure SM-58 mic and, according to IK, turn it into a recording that… Read More IK Multimedia Intros Mic Room, Turns Your SM-58 Into A Neumann U67

Elektrosluch 3 Like A Mic For Electromagnetic Fields

LOM has introduced the Elektrosluch 3 – a device designed to let you listen to the electromagnetic fields that constantly surround you. Here’s what’s new on the Elektrosluch 3: fully enclosed and more ergonomic design; simple single potentiometer operation; higher gain; audiophile-grade WIMA capacitors; and highly increased protection of the sensors. Here’s the official video intro: