XotoPad MIDI Controller For Windows Touchscreens

feelyoursound.com has released XotoPad, a software that turns Windows computers into MIDI touch controllers.

XotoPad is designed to work best with Windows 8 and a touchscreen computer. The application offers four banks, each with many pads. Each pad, in turn, can either trigger MIDI notes or chords, or work as an X/Y controller for MIDI CC data.

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Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Tablets Get Multi-Touch Music Apps From Wizdom

YouTube Preview Image

While Google’s Android hasn’t developed into a strong music platform yet, it looks like Microsoft Windows 8 and tablets like the Microsoft Surface might.

Here’s a sneak preview, by Jordan Rudess, of two of his apps, running on a Microsoft Surface tablet. In the video, Rudess demos MorphWiz and Tachyon.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Now Available

Microsoft today announced the global availability of Windows 8, the most radical change to its popular operating system since Windows 95.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s reaction to Apple’s iPad – but it isn’t just an imitation. Instead, Microsoft has taken the technology drivers that led to the iPad – trends like miniaturization, increasingly affordable solid state drives, mobile computing and multitouch – and used them to create a new vision for Windows computing. While Apple created a new operating system, optimized for the tablet form factor, Microsoft has tried to use new technologies to create a new type of Windows.

“We have reimagined Windows,” says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “Windows 8 brings together the best of the PC and the tablet.”

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