Conductr Controller For Ableton Live Gets New Production Features


Developer Patchworks has released a major update to Conductr, their Ableton Live controller app. The update adds a ‘smart’ MIDI keyboard controller and more.

Conductr was previously focused on live performance control of Live. With this update, Conductr is introducing more production-orient features, with the addition of the Claydr keyboard module. Continue reading

New Advanced MIDI Breath Controller, The Hornberg Research HB1 Breath Station



The Hornberg Research HB1 MIDI Breath Station is a new MIDI controller that lets you add expression to electronic instrument with MIDI support.

The HB1 is designed to be a professional breath controller, going beyond the possibilities of previous designs. It offers control over 9 parameters (including Drive, Attack< Release, Limit, MIDI CC & more) and allows for 25 presets.

It offers standard MIDI and USB-ports, so the HB1 functions with or without a computer.

Here’s what they have to say about the HB1 MIDI Breath Station: Continue reading

Aerodrums Brings Motion Capture To Music

At the 2014 NAMM Show, Aerodrums introduced the Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument – a motion capture controlled virtual instrument.

The key advantage are portability and silent operation. It also lets you create custom drum kits, using your own samples, so it could be used in creative ways to trigger any type of sounds.

Aerodrums runs on your computer and captures your drumming ‘intent’ by watching you drum through a high speed camera. The computer translates this into control of a virtual drum set.  Continue reading

GECO Gestural Controller For Leap Motion Updated Adds OSC, CopperLan & More

GECO-MIDIDeveloper Geert Bevin let us know that a new version of GECO is out, adding OSC output with customizable paths as well as full CopperLan output support.

CopperLan is a high-definition next generation music protocol that dramatically facilitates networked device communication and mapping.

With this release, you can now also configure per-axis boundaries with minimal and maximal limits. This allow you to reduce the travel distance if you want to perform smaller gestures and also to create ‘dead zones’ around the center where no data will be sent.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1 vs the original release: Continue reading

The NDVR Note MIDI Controller Needs A Good Demo Video, Here’s A Sneak Preview Instead

The recently announced NDVR Note looks like it could be a really interesting new MIDI control keyboard, combining a metal case and polyphonic aftertouch in a too-rarely-seen metal body.

The NDVR Note is being developed with an IndieGogo campaign, though, which means that it really needs an intro video that serves as an ‘elevator pitch’, demonstrating in a couple of minutes what makes the keyboard unique and why you should care. This was the most common feedback on our initial post about the NDVRContinue reading

Le Strum MIDI Controller Like The Love Child Of An Omnichord & Stylophone

This video, via Jason Hotchkiss, demos Le Strum – a MIDI Strummed Chord Controller Kit, a sort of bizarre love child of an Omnichord & a Stylophone.

Using combinations of buttons, you can select a chord type (maj, min, 7, maj7, min7, dim, aug) and root note. The chord is then mapped across the pads, which you play with a wired stylus, sending output by MIDI.

Le Strum does not generate sounds itself, so it needs to be used with a MIDI instrument.  Continue reading