Tangible Control Of Modular Software With Percussa AudioCubes

Synthesist Mark Mosher is a fan of the Percussa AudioCubes and their potential as a tangible controller for MIDI software that’s also visually interesting.

AudioCubes are modular controllers, that can be used with MIDI and OSC, for live performance, sound design and more.

This video documents Mosher’s experiments with using Wireless AudioCubes, with MIDIBridge 3, to control the software modular U-He Ace.

Here’s what Mosher has to say about the video: Continue reading

Sylphyo Wind Controller Offers Advanced Blowing Control


The Sylphyo –  a new electronic musical instrument with advanced blowing control and wireless MIDI support – is being made available via an IndieGoGo campaign.

The Sylphyo is designed to provide access to the expressive world of wind instrument to any musician. It can also be played silently for training, or used for writing scores.

Here’s a video demo of the Sylphyo in action, illustrating some of its expressive possibilities: Continue reading

Hang-Style Oval MIDI Controller Fully Funded


Developers of the Oval MIDI instrument have already met their Kickstarter funding goal for the production of the new controller.

The Oval is a new MIDI controller design and can be used with a dedicated mobile app or with other MIDI applications.

Here’s the official intro video for the Oval: Continue reading

World’s First Wireless MIDI Controller For Acoustic Guitar


Berlin-based musician Robin Sukroso has introduced the ACPAD, described as “the world’s first wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitar’.

The ACPAD lets you combine acoustic and electronic performance in one instrument, letting you finger drum, trigger loops, control loopers, play electronic instruments and more.

Here’s a video demo of the ACPAD in action: Continue reading

Hang-Style Oval MIDI Controller Now Available To Pre-Order


The Oval MIDI instrument – a new electronic controller, inspired by the Hang percussion instrument (also known generically as HandPans or hang drums) – is now available to pre-order via a Kickstarter project.

The Oval can be used as a MIDI controller or with a dedicated mobile app.

Here’s the official intro video for the Oval: Continue reading