Skoog 2.0 Passes Funding Goals, Ableton Live Support Planned


SkoogMusic CEO David Skulina let us know that their IndieGoGo campaign for the Skoog 2.0 accessible MIDI controller has more than doubled its funding goal, with two days left in the campaign.

Their initial campaign missed its funding target, so SkoogMusic modified its project plan, deferring Android support until later in their timeline and moving forward development of an Ableton Live plugin. Continue reading

Avid Pro Tools S3 Control Surface At NAMM 2015


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Avid was showing the Pro Tools S3 control surface, a professional mixing controller and audio interface.

S3 is a compact, EUCON-enabled, desktop control surface for sound engineers. It combines a small form factor, making it suitable for mobile work or project studios, but also offers deep options for accelerated mixing efficiency.  Continue reading

SensorPoint Intros Jambé Electronic Percussion Instrument For iPad

Jambe.iPad_.image2_.small_At the 2015 NAMM Show, SensorPoint unveiled the Jambé electronic percussion instrument.

The Jambé is designed to look and feel like a traditional drum. The hardware controller is designed to easily integrate into traditional drum kits.

But the Jambé uses DSP technology and high definition sound samples to let it be used as a variety of instrument types.

Playing Jambé is as easy as using your hands, as with any hand percussion instrument, or with regular drumsticks, like a standard drum. Over 1,000 different pressure levels are sensed in each pad, translating into realistic and dynamic percussive sounds.  Continue reading

MidiBlob For The Waldorf Rocket

midiblobDeveloper Maurizio De Cecco has released MidiBlob for the Waldorf Rocket – a performance-oriented multi touch controller for the iPad for the Waldorf Rocket synthesizer.

Using a set of intuitive interactions, you can modify and control your synth sounds. Graphical feedback is designed to keep you in touch with what you are doing and where you are in your sound space.

MidiBlob works with any Core MIDI compatible interface or with a network based Core MIDI connection. Continue reading