The 10 Best New MIDI Controllers Of 2014


Last year was an interesting one for electronic music gear.

In 2014, manufacturers went beyond the tried-and-true keyboard MIDI controller – adding features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity, new form factors and better multi-platform support. We’d like to see consistent support for legacy DIN MIDI connectors – but maybe that will come in 2015!

In our second lookback at the Best of 2014, we take a look the 10 best new MIDI controllers of 2014 Continue reading

IK Multimedia iRig Pads Review


At the 2014 Winter NAMM Show, we spied the unannounced iRig Pads at the IK Multimedia booth.

Now, IK is shipping the iRig Pads – a portable MPC-inspired MIDI pad controller for iOS, Mac & Windows. They say it’s the smallest ‘groove controller’ on the market – so it will fit anywhere you can store an iPad, in a backpack or a laptop bag.

Can IK’s inexpensive pad controller deliver on the promise of being portable, powerful and compatible? Continue reading

GSI Intros DMC-122 Dual MIDI Console ‘Dream Controller’


GSI has introduced the DMC-122 Dual-Manual MIDI Controller – a high end dual-manual MIDI controller with an organ-style interface.

It combines dual manual organ/keyboard control, MIDI mixing and control surface features, and offers an expansion slot that lets also run as a stand-alone keyboard.  Continue reading

Novation Launch Control XL Review


Novation recently introduced the Launch Control XL – a new MIDI controller that they call ‘the ultimate controller for Ableton Live’.

Novation now offers a wide variety of controller options for Live:


It’s great to have so many options – but where does the new Launch Control XL fit in?

Nlaunch-controlovation released the original Launch Control, right, last year. It’s a smaller MIDI controller, designed as a companion for the Launchpad S.

The Launchpad S is primarily an 8×8 grid controller. The original Launch Control is designed to be an add-on that brings 16 knobs and 8 pads to your system.

The new Launch Control XL is still designed to be a companion to the Launchpad S, but the XL version takes everything about the original up a notch.

How does this fit into your Live workflows? Let’s take a look… Continue reading

touchAble Live Controller Updated To Version 3

touchableDeveloper AppBC has released an update to touchAble, its iOS Ableton Live control app.

touchAble, available for both iPad and iPhone, that offers advanced control of clips, mixer, devices and more in Ableton Live.

touchAble 3 is designed to be easier to connect and set up, offers access to devices in racks and more.

Here’s the official intro video to touchAble 3: Continue reading

Fiddlewax Pro 2.0 More Intuitive, Expressive & Capable

fiddlewax-proFiddlewax Pro – a music sketchpad for iPad and MIDI controller – has been updated to be more intuitive for players, more expressive for songwriters and more capable for experts.

Here’s what’s new in Fiddlewax Pro 2.0:

  • Directly record audio to create custom instruments.
  • Import SoundFont files (.sf2) to use with instruments.
  • Import audio files (.m4a, .wav, .mp3, etc.) as samples.
  • Adjust sample parameters (gain, offset, attack, & release).
  • Updated Audiobus and added remote play/pause.
  • Improved circular loop indication.
  • Updated user interface and simplified info overlay.
  • Expert MIDI mode (adjust volume of each channel).
  • Muted chord automation for advanced users.

Here’s the official video intro to version 2.0: Continue reading