Imogen Heap’s Music Glove Now Being Developed As Kickstarter Project


Developers of Imogen Heap‘s music glove controllers have announced a Kickstarter project to turn them into a production controller – the Mi.Mu. Glove For Music.

Here’s what they have to say about the Mi.Mu.:

The gloves are the product of years of research and development, building upon original research at University of the West of England. The project was initiated and continues to be driven by musician Imogen Heap along with a team of engineers, scientists, artists and musicians.

A number of iterations of the gloves have been designed, aimed predominantly at producing a gestural performance system for Heap.This culminated in a performance system which can be seen in footage from some of Imogen’s demos and performances.

While the system was incredibly powerful and expressive, it was also incredibly complex to set up. It required the attention of a team of people, not to mention the days of intense advanced MIDI routing and Ableton Live programming to create the mappings and session used in Imogen’s first glove song, Me The Machine, which is included with many of our Kickstarter pledges.

We wanted everyone to have the experience of being inside these gloves without as much of the complexity in Imogen’s original system. We wanted to make a wireless glove that almost any musician could adapt to their way of making music. The last 18 months have seen re-design after re-design of the glove textiles, hardware and software and we have finally arrived at a point where we can make them available to others through this Kickstarter.

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m.phase DAW Remote Brings Multi-Touch Gesture Control To DAWs

mphase-daw-controlMphase Studio has introduced m.phase Daw Remote - a new way of controlling your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), using intuitive multi touch gestures.

m.phase supports Mackie Control protocol and HUI protocol and works with both MAC and Windows. It’s designed to replace clicking and dragging with a computer mouse with multi-touch control.

Officially supported DAWs include:

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Apple Logic
  • Steinberg Cubase / Nuendo
  • Ableton Live
  • Cockos Reaper

It also works with other DAWs that support Mackie Control and HUI.

Here’s a demo of m.phase DAW Remote in action: Continue reading

Blowfinger Turns iPad Into A Breath-Controlled Instrument

blowfingerDeveloper BatZode has released Blowfinger – a breath-controlled instrument for iPad.

With Blowfinger, the iPad becomes an expressive, wireless MIDI wind controller, using either keyboard or woodwind technique.


  • Blowfinger can work as a breath controller without sending notes; in Breath-only mode, blow without fingering and it sends a MIDI controller.
  • Simultaneous support for Network MIDI over Wi-Fi, hardware MIDI, and inter-application MIDI to control synths running on the same iPad. Also supports rtpMIDI for wireless MIDI on Windows.
  • You can personalize the breath response to suit your preference and also to adjust for noisy environments.
  • Global transposition.

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MidiBlob Brings 3D Sound Control To The Waldorf Blofeld

midiblogDeveloper Maurizio De Cecco has released MidiBlob i- a performance oriented multi touch controller for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer.

The app provides a new 3D interface for controlling patches on the Blofeld.

Here’s what he has to say about MidiBlob:

MidiBlob is a plug and play performance oriented multi touch controller for your Blofeld synthesizer.

By manipulating a 3D scene (the Blob) with a set of very intuitive interaction MidiBlob can modify and control your synth sound to a depth that cannot be reached with traditional controllers.

Filters, envelopes, modulations, wave characteristics are under direct control of your fingers, the iPad become an extension of your instrument. No configuration needed.

Here are a couple of video demos of MidiBlog in action: Continue reading

Arturia Debuts KeyLab 88 Controller Keyboard at Musikmesse

Arturia_KeyLab_88Musikmesse 2014: French gear-maker Arturia today announced the latest (and largest) in its KeyLab series, KeyLab 88, its 88-note MIDI keyboard controller and hybrid synthesizer solution.

KeyLab 88 is a MIDI keyboard controller with a hammer-action Fatar keybed, which comes with Arturia’s Analog Lab software synth (for Mac and PC), which has over 5,000 TAE (True Analog Emulation) presets. Continue reading

Lemur 5 Update Adds Sequencing, Custom Object Design


Liine has released Lemur 5.0 – the latest version of its MIDI/OSC control app for iOS.

Version 5.0 introduces the Canvas object, which lets you create completely custom interfaces; and the Sequencer family of features:

  • Canvas is a brand new object that lets you script custom widgets with full multitouch support. The object is adapted from the HTML5 Canvas element, which means you can design widgets featuring complex shapes, animation, shadows, and transparency .The Canvas object opens the door to a completely new Lemur experience, where the appearance and behavior of objects can be designed to precisely match the demands of your project. Polygons, waveforms, circular objects and infinitely more are all possible with Canvas.
  • Sequencer – Lemur 5.0 introduces a family of new features for tight sequencing. This includes three new objects: StepNote, StepSwitch and StepSlider. Each of these provides a different flavour of sequencing and is ready to use right out of the box. The objects do the hard work for you, simple add them to your template and they are ready to control your MIDI instruments.

Here’s a video intro to Lemur 5.0: Continue reading