Expressiv MIDI Guitar – An Electric Guitar/MIDI Controller Hybrid


The Expressiv MIDI Guitar is a new MIDI guitar controller, being produced by Rob O’Reilly via a Kickstarter project.

Expressiv uses a smart fretboard scanner to know which notes you are pressing, the same way that keyboardists get a note when they press a key. This leaves your strumming hand free to control any parameters such as pitch bend, modulation and octave shift using the onboard touchpad, joystick and buttons.

Also, with the flick of a switch, you can change from synthesizer control to standard guitar functionality.

The Plug and Play functionality means you only have to plug a standard USB cable directly into your computer with no hardware, driver or power supply required.

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MIDI Guitar For GarageBand


Jam Origin has released MIDI Guitar for GarageBand – an OS X app that lets you play any GarageBand instrument using a guitar:

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is based upon Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar software and allows you to use your guitar to play software instruments in GarageBand, essentially converting your guitar into a MIDI controller/MIDI keyboard. It is very easy to use with GarageBand and a one-click setup.

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is a stand alone app that analyzes your guitars output signal and converts into MIDI that is sent to GarageBand or Logic using Apples Virtual MIDI standard in a frictionless setup.

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Incident Tech Announces Updated App, Ableton Scripts For gTar MIDI Guitar

updated gtar app free play menuIncident Tech today announced the next generation of their gTar iOS app to work with their gTar MIDI guitar.

Developers have “overhauled the UI and redesigned the app from scratch to make it more fun and easier to use.” Continue reading

gTar Releases SDK For iOS and Javascript

This morning, Incident Tech announced the release of a strategic developer kit (SDK) for their gTar iPhone MIDI guitar controller. The SDK will provide iOS and Javascript developers with direct access to the gTar hardware for creating gTar-compatible browser apps.

The company also announced that the gTar is now compatible with more than 150 different apps, several of which are used in the demonstration video, above.

Additionally, the company is also releasing an “unofficial custom script” for using the gTar with Ableton Live:

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How To Play EDM On Your Guitar

Reader Jesse Gilsbach (3rd Earth) made this video to demonstrate how guitarists can play EDM and other of electronic music, using a standard guitar.

Gilsbach uses a Roland GK-3 pickup, connected to a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer. This is connected via USB to his computer, running Ableton Live 8.

MIDI Guitar App Turns Your Axe Into A Guitar Synth

MIDI Guitar

Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar is a new app for iOS that is designed to translate the sound of any guitar into a polyphonic guitar-synthesizer or to record tablature by playing it.

MIDI Guitar is an iOS app that can transcribe guitar playing into MIDI. The transcription runs in real-time, and latency and accuracy – according to the developer – are comparable to hardware MIDI guitar solutions.

In order to use MIDI Guitar you need a iPhone 4 or newer, iPod 4th generation, or any iPad. You also need a guitar interface for best results. The developers recommend the iRig and are currently testing other interfaces.

MIDI Guitar uses WIFI-MIDI to communicate with digital audio workstations or Cable-based MIDI for lowest possible latency. It also drives other iOS synth apps using Apple’s virtual MIDI standard.

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gTar iPhone Guitar Has Three Levels Of Difficulty + USB/MIDI

Incident Technologies has introduced the gTar, a hybrid iPhone dock + music controller guitar that’s described as ‘the first guitar that anybody can play’.

The gTar uses digital sensors to sense your finger position and then the iPhone is used for sound generation.

The guitar offers three levels of difficulty/playability:

  • If you’ve never played the guitar before, start with Easy, where you only need to play the open strings. This gives you the chance to start playing your favorite songs right away while getting a hands on feel for the strings. SmartPlay is in effect here, so if you hit the wrong string, you won’t hear anything.
  • When you’ve graduated from Easy, you can move up to Medium and start playing the frets and strings at the same time. Smart Play is still in effect, so you can continue to play without the fear of messing up.
  • When you’ve mastered a song and want to take it to the next level, try playing in Hard. Here, the gTar will continue to display the correct notes, but allows you to play whatever you want. SmartPlay stops working here, so every note you play will ring out.

Several aspects of the gTar may make it interesting for electronic musicians:

  • The gTar is USB-MIDI compliant. Incident says that they’ll “be releasing some tutorials and hacks soon!”, if you’re interested in hacking the gTar to create/perform music.
  • They also plan to offer an SDK in the future, for people that are interested in building apps for the gTar.

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