Steve Reich Discusses His Influences

In preparation for the 2012 Bloc Festival, organizers interviewed the headliners, including pioneering electroacoustic and classical composer Steve Reich.

Reich talks about the relationship between West African and Balinese music and his early tape loop music. He goes on to discuss how this affected his early works.

Reich’s work has been tremendously influential in electronic music, and is echoed in works by Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, The Orb and many others.

Happy 75th Birthday To Steve Reich

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Steve ReichIt’s Steve Reich‘s 75th birthday – and we couldn’t let the day go by without recognizing him.

Reich is one of the great living American classical composers, as influential in the world of popular music as he has been in the world of classical.

His influence on electronic musicians has been indelible. You can’t listen to 80’s Tangerine Dream, for example, without hearing echoes of Reich. And electronic musicians like The Orb have been sampling Reich for decades.

Some of Reich’s earliest works were electroacoustic pieces that explored the shifting phase relationships between multiple copies of the same tape loop. His early tape experiments, along with his studies of African and Balinese music, have been some of the biggest influences on his work, throughout his career.

Embedded above is Section VI from Music For 18 Musicians, which is a modern classic and offers a great introduction to Steve Reich’s work.

Angie Dickinson Performs Steve Reich’s Clapping Music While Beating Up Lee Marvin

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Angie Dickinson performs Steve Reich’s Clapping Music while beating up Lee Marvin – just about the best thing ever, if you’re a music geek

Unfortunately for Dickinson – you can’t beat up Lee Marvin.

Clapping Music is a minimal work from 1972 that explores the idea of shifting the phase relationship of two copies of the same 12/8 rhythmic pattern.

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Steve Reich Remix Contest

Indaba Music has announced a Steve Reich remix contest:

Steve Reich is one of about five people still living who can claim to have altered the landscape of music forever. In the contemporary music world there is no composer more influential or studied.

Moreover, Mr. Reich has already been remixed by the likes of DJ Spooky, Coldcut, and Howie B. Thus, it’s exceedingly exciting to be able to offer you the stems to the third movement of the Grammy Award and Pulitzer Award winning composer’s piece “2×5″, performed by the modern classical outfit Bang on a Can, on the Nonesuch Records album Double Sextet / 2×5.

Take these amazing stems and rework them into music the composer would be proud of.

The Grand Prize winner will receive $500, a signed copy of the album Double Sextet/2×5, a signed manuscript score page of the Pulitzer Prize winning “Double Sextet”, and a 1 year Platinum membership to Indaba Music.

Details are available at the Indaba Music site.

Free Phase Shifting Looper Inspired By Steve Reich

Free Looping Effect Inspired By Steve Reich

Free Looping Effect Inspired By Steve Reich

Free Music Software: Reichatron is a free phase shifting looper effect for Reaktor 5, inspired by Steve Reich and his early loop pieces.

It was created by Matt Mower:

Reichatron is a sample playing instrument that grew out of my desire to experiment with phase-shifted looping (a la Steve Reich’s early works It’s Gonna Rain and Piano Phase) and as an homage to Metaphysical Function which is, I think, one of the most interesting Reaktor ensembles.

Reichatron allows you to mix together the phase-shifted blending of two samples and then modulate that mixture using a block of six effects that can be independently controlled. Reichatron also offers stochastic control of the effects block and sample selection. You can take as much, or as little, control over how the sound evolves over time as you like.

See also Phase Shifter, another audio effect inspired by Reich.

iPhone App Creates Minimal Music Based On Schenkerian Analysis

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Akihiko Matsumoto‘s Minimalist Style for iPhone RjDj generates minimal music algorithmically:

Minimalist Style algorithmically generates music based on the analysis of composers such as Bach, Stravinsky, Squarepusher, and many more. Choose your favourite composer by touching one of the squares. Shake the device to move forward in the musical progression. Touch the screen and tilt the device to change the timbre of the synth.

This music is generated by a realtime prolongiation algorithm base on Schenkerian analysis

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Recreating Terry Riley’s In C In Ableton Live

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Steven Ness is working on a version of Terry Riley‘s minimalist classic In C, using Max For Live and Ableton Live 8.

In C consists of 53 musical phrases, lasting from half a beat to 32 beats that should be played in order, but can be repeated any number of times.

In this video demo, Ness explains how he’s using Max For Live to recreate the logic of In C using the capabilities of Max For Live.

Best quote: “Oh my god! Max For Live Is Going To Blow Your Mind!”