Steve Reich Discusses His Influences

In preparation for the 2012 Bloc Festival, organizers interviewed the headliners, including pioneering electroacoustic and classical composer Steve Reich.

Reich talks about the relationship between West African and Balinese music and his early tape loop music. He goes on to discuss how this affected his early works.

Reich’s work has been tremendously influential in electronic music, and is echoed in works by Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, The Orb and many others.

Torley On Composition: How To Rip Off Philip Glass

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Torley, in his inimitable way, explains how to play minimal piano in the style of Philip Glass – or as Torley puts it, how to make music that  “rips off Philip Glass”.

Along the way, Torley highlights how Philip Glass creates variations in density, texture and motion from very basic material. Continue reading

New Optigan Disc Turns A Bizarre 70’s Music Toy Into The Philip Glass Ensemble

YouTube Preview Image has announced a new Philip Glass-inspired Minimalism Optigan disc, featuring the vocal talents of Tara Busch (

We’re proud to announce the latest in our series of new Optigan discs: MINIMALISM! This is a special release for us, since it marks our first musical collaboration with the fabulous Tara Busch of Tara sang the vocal solfege scale for the keyboard, a haunting sound that you’re sure to find plenty of uses for.

The Optigan is a bizarre 70’s musical instrument/music toy that’s features an electomechanical optical sound generator.

It’s available for pre-order now, for $99.99.

Details below. Continue reading