IK Multimedia Updates T-RackS Mixing and Mastering Plug-In

IK_Multimedia_t-racks_cs_master_eqIK Multimedia announced today a new release of its mixing and mastering plug-in, T-RackS CS 4.5.

T-RackS Custom Shop 4.5 offers a mixing and mastering shell system that enables the user to have up to 26 outboard processors all available in one application for your DAW or desktop, singularly or together, for the “highest-end sonic experience.”

The new version of T-RackS CS includes a model of what some consider the “holy grail” of mastering EQs, the Master EQ 432, along with enhancements of the T-RackS Custom Shop environment aimed at streamlining its usability for existing and new users.

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Ghostwave Audio Releases “MixRight” for Reaktor 5

mixright_smallGhostwave Audio has released MixRight, a Native Instruments Reaktor 5 ensemble designed as an easy way to compare your current mix with the reference track of your choice.

You can A/B the two to compare levels, phase correlation and frequency distribution and therefore find out the necessary adjustments for your current mix.

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Avid Intros S3L System For Mixing & Recording


Avid has introduced the new Avid S3L, a modular system, comprised of a high-performance HDX-powered mix engine running VENUE software and AAX DSP plug-ins, scalable remote I/O, a compact EUCON-enabled control surface, and Pro Tools software for integrated live sound mixing and recording.

The S3L system is designed to be easy to take on tour or install in any club, theater, house of worship, or other performance venue to efficiently and easily respond to a broad range of demands. Continue reading

Intellijel Designs Intros Dubmix VC Mixer Suite


Intellijel Designs has introduced the Dubmix Voltage Controlled Mixer Suite:

Introducing the DUBMIX , DUBMIX AUX expander, and DUBMIX MINI expander. This has been a long project and it is finally in production and should ship in a few weeks. We thought a lot about how a VC Mixer would work in a modular synth context and Haven really championed the idea of focusing on VC Aux sends since this would allow for really complex and interesting automated mixing of FX and dub style sound manipulation.

We have tried to conserve size while not sacrificing the space needed for proper playability. This mixer is low noise, low bleed with clickless muting and fast clean VCAs. All the inputs and summing busses have soft clipping to help get warm sounds if you really push the mixes. It has been amazing to hook tup fx to this, automate the panning and get totally dubbed out sounds!

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