Physical Modeling & Granular Processing With The TipTop Z-DSP (Deep Forest Demo)

Developer Christophe Duquesne (Springsound, Anchorage Spring) has developed a pair of new cartridges for the TipTop Z-DSP Eurorack module – a Physical Modeling cartridge and a granular effect cartridge.

This video is a preview of the new cartridges, and captures Duquesne & Eric Mouquet (Deep Forest) improvising three takes with the two new cartridges: Continue reading

Audio Damage Neuron FM Drum Synth Module (Sneak Preview)

Audio Damage has released a video sneak preview of their new Neuron Eurorack FM drum synthesis module.

In the official intro video, above, AD’s Chris Randall gives an overview of the Neuron, followed by ‘Captain Crazypatch’ audio demos.  Continue reading

Moog Mother 32 Patch Demos

Moog Music shared this video demo of their new Mother 32 semi-modular analog synthesizer.

The Mother 32 synth can be used unpatched as synth module, as a stand-along semi-modular synth, or as a part of a Eurorack modular synth. These demos explore the possibilities of using three Mother 32 synths together and in combination with other Eurorack modules.  Continue reading

Using Patchblocks With A Modular Synthesizer

This video, via Patchblocks, takes a look at integrating Patchblocks with a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Patchblocks are hardware audio modules, created by Sebastian Heinz, that you can program with your Mac or Windows computer.

Patches described in the video are available in the video description on the Patchblocks Youtube post.

For more information, see the Patchblocks site.

Roland System-500 Eurorack Modules (Sneak Preview)

This video, via Craig Anthony Perkins, captures a presentation of the final production prototypes of the Roland System-500 Eurorack analog modules, made by Malekko Heavy Industry in Portland Oregon.

The presentation is by the creator himself, Joshua Holly of Malekko. Continue reading

Synthesis Technology Debuts Two New Euro Modules At Knobcon

3950-circuit-bent-vcoSynthesis Technology has announced that it will be introducing two new modules at KnobCon – a synth convention being held in Chicago this weekend (September 11-12, 2015).

The E950 Circuit Bent VCO is a 10hp DSP-based VCO that combines the “smooth morphing” of the E350 Morphing Terrarium with fully licensed “Speak & Spell” technology from Texas Instruments.

The anticipated price is $199.

The E620 USB-MIDI CV module is a combination USB Host and Device interface, with two 16-bit CVs spanning -2V to +8V and two gate outputs.

These four outputs can be assigned (via MIDI Program Change messages) to 12 different settings. Modes for drum triggers, MIDI clock division, and monophonic/polyphinic CV/gate are included. Continue reading