Taylor Holliday On Audulus 3, Music Apps On The iPad Pro & More


Audulus developer Taylor Holliday

Earlier this month, developer Taylor Holliday released Audulus 3 – a major update to his modular audio app for iOS, Mac & Windows.

Now that Audulus 3 is available, Holliday had time to answer some questions about his background, the new Audulus release, his thoughts on the iPad Pro and more. 

Synthtopia: For readers that may not be familiar with Audulus yet, give us your ‘elevator pitch’ summary of what it is and why electronic musicians should check it out….. Continue reading

NS1 Nanosynth ‘Handheld Modular’ Available


The NS1 Nanosynth synthesizer – a tiny (220x85mm) analog modular synthesizer, coupled with an Arduino Micro platform, is now available via the Arduino Store.

The NS1 Nanosynth is a ‘Maker synth’, totally hackable and customizable, but also a capable budget modular synthesizer.

Here are the official video intros: Continue reading