CV Toolkit 2.0 Now Available


Spektro Audio has released CV Toolkit 2.0 for Mac & Windows – an app that lets you use software synth modules to control, modulate and sequence your synthesizers, via control voltage (CV).

The new version is a complete re-write and re-design of the application. CV Toolkit 2.0 adds many features, including: a new slot system, voicing modes (4X Monophonic, Paraphonic and Polyphonic), internal Gate and Pitch buses, Layouts, Scale Editor, Module Packs (which lets the user install more modules to CV Toolkit), Utility Rack and more.

“We worked extremely hard on this version,” says Spektro Audio’s Ícaro Ferre, “and we believe it’s now much more capable and flexible than ever without losing it’s nice interface and user experience.” Continue reading

Paul Schreiber Interview On The A+M+T Podcast

paul-schreiber-motmSynth designer Paul Schreiber (Synthesis Technology, MOTM) returns to Darwin Grosse’s Art + Music + Technology podcast to talk about synths, synth design, the death of Radio Shack and more.

Here’s what Grosse has to say about the interview:

If you would give me an hour and ask me how I’d want to spend it, talking with Paul Schreiber would be at the top of my request list. I appreciate his sense of humor, his strong feelings about thing, and his willingness to share openly about any subject that might come to mind. I also appreciate that, by having been a ‘hobby’ synth maker, he has always been able to stay at arm’s length from the grittier side of the industry.

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