The 10 Best New Synth Modules Of 2015


We’re wrapping up our look back at Best of 2015 poll results with a look at the best new synth modules of 2015.

For the modular synth category, we let readers nominate the best new synths modules of the year and then vote on them.

It’s clear that readers were impressed with the Mutable Instruments line, voting the Clouds module as the best new synth module of year and putting the Elements module in second place.

Make Noise’s tELHARMONIC Voltage Controlled Music Theory module filled out the top three.

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2016 NAMM Show Sneak Preview: The Lifeforms Modular

Experimenting with Lifeforms. #eurorack #synth

A video posted by Pittsburgh Modular (@pghmodular) on

2016 NAMM Show: Pittsburgh Modular today shared several short videos on Instragram, offering a sneak preview of the Lifeforms Modular synthesizer modules.  Continue reading

The 10 Most Interesting Synth Introductions Of 2015


2015 has been an amazing year for synth introductions – with major new synth lines from Roland, Yamaha and Korg; new modular synths, both big and small, from Moog and others; a new Prophet from Dave Smith Instruments; innovative new synths from smaller companies and hundreds of new synth modules.

Here are the 10 most interesting synth introductions of 2015, ranked according to what new synths the most Synthtopia readers chose to read about this year.

Check out the list – and then let us know what you think of the synths introduced in 2015!

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DSP Synthesizers Intros 6HP DIY Drum Module PCB


Developer Jan Ostman let us know about a new PCB design for building DIY drum modules – the rev2 PCB for the DR-55/CR-4/RW DIY Module.

He describes it as “Perfect as a first DIY build.”

The PCB comes with a presoldered SMD SOIC-8 version of the chip, so just jacks and simple components need to be soldered to the board. Continue reading