Elektron Machinedrum, Monomachine Get Price Cuts

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Elektron has announced permanent price cuts to the Machinedrum UW, Machinedrum and Monomachine.

“Our shelves contain too many Machinedrums and Monomachines. Simply put, we are a tad over-stocked,” they note.  “To remedy this we permanently lower the prices for these venerable machines.” Continue reading

Monofon’s Elysium (Berlin School Modular Sequencing)

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Sunday Synth Jam: Monofon’s Elysium is straight ahead Berlin School style synth music, 100% live performance, no overdubbing.

The track makes effective use of minimal material, with live sequence manipulation and patch tweaks creating a continuously changing soundscape.

All sequenced synth sounds come from the Club of the Knobs Model 15 modular synthesizer. Pads are from the Waldorf Blofeld. Some keys were fixed with tape to create the drones.

Monomachine was used as masterclock, as effect board (reverb and delay) and for the cymbal sounds.

via M0N0F0N

Introvert Glitch Jam (Machinedrum + Electribe + Biscuit)

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a glitch jam, with 2 Elektron Machinedrums, Kaoss pads, a Korg EMX-1 and an Oto Biscuit, via reader Dennis Stein.

Elektron’s Trinity – The Octatrack, MachineDrum & MonoMachine

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This is an improvised DJ/live set using only the Elektron Octatrack, Machinedrum and Monomachine.

Everything is done live. No additional effects or mixers were used.

The Octatrack plays back time stretched loops and samples. At the same time it sends out MIDI clock to the Machinedrum and the Monomachine. The audio outputs from these two units are connected to the two input pairs of the Octatrack. This makes the Octatrack function as a mixer and effects unit in addition to being a sound source.

Part 2 of the Elektron Trinity synth jam below. Continue reading

Elektron Monomachine Tutorial

In this official Elektron video series, Hector takes a look at the Elektron Monomachine synthesizer. Continue reading