Monome Intros Aleph Open Source Sound Computer


Ezra Buchla (son of Donald Buchla) and Brian Crabtree (monome) have introduced Aleph – a Linux-based open source sound computer.

It can be a synthesizer, sampler, looper or drum machine – or, because it’s open source, anything that you can develop for it.

Key Features:

  • soundcomputer - powerful audio processor, synthesizer, noise machine, rapidly modifiable instrument. a platform for experimental practice and organic discovery.
  • attachments - connect grid controllers, modular synths, midi keys, stomp boxes, gamepads, hand-made circuits. for more direct control and uncommon pairings.
  • topography - dynamically arrange control mappings with unprecedented flexibility. create software control sources such as modulators, logical operators, aleatoric processes, sequencers. all quickly storable and recallable.
  • open source - designed for community engagement, a benefit for musicians and developers alike. an exceptional educational tool. the library of uses and possibilities can only grow.

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The Meganome – A DIY Arduino MIDI Controller For Controlling Music Robots

Remember Patrick Flanagan & Jazari – his band of electroacoustic music robots?

This video takes a look at his DIY MIDI controller, the Meganome.

“I like the feel of arcade buttons and look of exotic hardwoods,” notes Flanagan, “so mass-market products just weren’t right for me.” Continue reading

Monome 2012 Edition

monome 2012 has announced the monome 2012 edition:

solid quartersawn black walnut, just under an inch thick. edge to edge aluminum and recessed rubber feet. lights in yellow, full sixteen step variable brightness per light. integrated tilt sensor. mini usb cable.

ordering begins this friday june 15 at 1pm EST. 50 of the 256, 50 of the 128. arcs forthcoming.

The Novation Launchpad (Review) – The Affordable, Portable Controller For Ableton Live

The Novation Launchpad is the MIDI controller that took the 8 x 8 button matrix mainstream.

While it’s been out a few years, we thought it was time to revisit it, in part because the monome-style button matrix has become a de facto interface for working with Ableton Live and also because the Launchpad’s street price has dropped to a very affordable $150.

If you’ve been under a rock, the Novation Launchpad is a MIDI controller designed specifically for Ableton Live, designed in conjuntion with Ableton. It comes with an introductory version of Live and is extremely easy to set up. It’s USB powered, so you basically plug it in, launch Live and get busy.

The primary use for the Launchpad is triggering loops and sounds in Live’s Session View. The Launchpad automatically lights up its buttons to mirror the arrangement of your clips in Live. This makes it easy to navigate the grid of otherwise identical buttons.

Here’s how Novation positions the Launchpad:

YouTube Preview Image
The Launchpad transforms your experience of using Ableton Live, making it more like working with hardware than working with a computer & mouse.

While using the matrix buttons instead of a mouse delivers obvious speed improvements, the benefits of the Launchpad are deeper than that.

The Launchpad turns the Session View into something that you can really ‘play’, making it easy to trigger samples and loops on a much more granular level. This makes it much easier to experiment with arrangements and rearrange things while playing live.

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