Moog Animoog 2 Brings Audiobus, Audiocopy, Double-Tap Action & Grateful Dead Expansion Pack

animoog-moog-synth-ipadMoog today released a major update to Animoog – its software synthesizer for the iPad.

The update adds user-requested features, including Audiobus support, Audiocopy & Audiopaste, Accelerometer as a Mod Source and more. With this release, Moog has also added a couple in-app options, including a four track recorder and a Grateful Dead Expansion Pack.

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Hack Animoog To Add Your Own Timbres (No Jailbreak Required)

Reader Tim Webb, aka discchord, put his ‘white hat hacker’ hat on this weekend, and cracked the code on how to add your own timbres to Animoog:

I figured out how to hack in custom timbres for Animoog! No jailbreak required! To celebrate I have released a pack of 10 for folks to try it out, plus complete details to do it yourself!

As shown in the screen capture above, he’s put together a set of new discchord ‘dc’ timbres that can be loaded into Animoog and used to create custom patches.

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Moog Animoog Update Fixes Crash Issue

Moog Music has released an update to Animoog for iPad that fixes a problem with the previous version that was causing the app to crash and lose users patches.

Version 1.1.1 does not offer new features, but just fixes a problem with the 1.1.0 release.

New in 1.1.0:

  • Preset Categories
  • MIDI CC Mapping
  • Recording time is doubled
  • MIDI OUT available as an in-app purchase
  • ACOUSTIC and METALLIC expansion packs added to Animoog Store

The update is available now in the App Store. Animoog is a $29.99 app software synth that turns your iPad into a synthesizer with polyphonic control over sounds.

Moog Responds To Animoog Update Concerns

Moog Music‘s update last week to Animoog has caused problems for a lot of users – crashing on start and causing users to lose custom patches that they’ve created. The update also introduced a new feature, MIDI Out, that Moog is making available as an in-app purchase.

When we realized Synthtopia readers were having problems with the update, we reported on this and asked Moog to fix Animoog asap. We also asked them to keep MIDI free. Our view is that MIDI is an important standard to support, it’s a standard feature of both hardware and software synths and that keeping MIDI standard benefits both users and app developers.

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