Paul Vo Announces New Company To Create ‘Acoustic Synthesis’ Instruments

acoustic-synthesis-paul-vo-96-guitarInventor Paul Vo (right), designer of the Moog Guitar, Moog Lap Steel and the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer, has announced the creation of a new company, Vo, LLC, designed to turn his ‘acoustic synthesis’ designs into products.

Vo recently completed a successful Kickstarter project to develop the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer – a new guitar, designed to explore Vo’s ideas for ‘acoustic synthesis’. The guitar includes electronics that let you control the vibration and harmonics of each individual string over time, making it possible to create sounds that are impossible with a traditional guitar, but that are still ‘guitar-like’.

Now Vo wants to focus on turning his ideas into instruments.  Continue reading

Kickstarting Acoustic Synthesis


Paul Vo, the inventor of the technology behind the Moog Guitar and Moog Lap Steel instruments has for some years been experimenting with a new method of sound design: acoustic synthesis. Unlike traditional methods of analog and digital sound generation, acoustic synthesis creates new sounds and methods of musical expression by controlling the vibrations of actual physical objects.

Now Vo is preparing to put his concept into production, in the form of the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer. The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer is a device that attaches to a standard acoustic guitar that augments and controls the vibration of guitar strings, dramatically expanding the sonic capabilities of the standard acoustic guitar.

Vo’s earlier designs were produced by Moog Music. With the first ‘acoustic synthesizer’, though, Vo is going a different route, funding production through a Kickstarter campaign. Continue reading

Vo-96 Acoustic Synth Improvisation, By ExperimentalSynth’s Chris Stack

Here’s another sneak preview of the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer – a new prototype synth, designed by Moog Guitar creator Paul Vo.

While a traditional synth lets you work with sound by generating and shaping electrical or digital representations of sound waves, Vo’s new design lets you control and shape the vibrations of physical objects. Vo’s initial prototypes attach to an acoustic guitar.

This Vo-96 Improvisation comes via Chris Stack. Stack is the synth guru behind

Stack explains:

I was trying to explore the territory just outside the standard guitar space. I kept the harmonic content and motion fairly close to the standard guitar tone and went for an open, legato feel. I think I am a frustrated cellist at heart and the ability to play those longer notes really appeals to me.

I asked Stack for his first impressions of the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer.  Continue reading

The Vo-96 Acoustic Synth Opens Up New World Of Acoustic Synthesis

This video looks at the Vo-96 Acoustic Synth – the newest instrument design from Paul Vo, the inventor of The Moog Guitar.

Vo’s approach to acoustic synthesis involves controlled modulation the amplitude of the harmonics in a vibrating object – in this case, guitar strings. So, instead of plucking a guitar string and the sound quickly dying out, you can shape how the various harmonics of the string  sustain or even build over time.

In the preview video, Will Rayan and Vincent Crow of The Electric Jazz Project try it and explore creating organ and sustained pad sounds using acoustic synthesis on Vo’s new guitar design.  Continue reading

Moog Factory Tour – LEV-96 & The Prototype Room

This video, via Uniquesquared, wraps ups their tour of Moog Music.

Moog’s Jim Debardi takes a look at what goes on in the company’s new technology room and discusses a LEV-96, a new system that’s designed to process and control natural harmonic tones. Continue reading