Koushion Step Sequencer Meets Moog, Ableton, And More

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This official Koushion video, via kudzucreative, explores using the iPad step sequencer with a variety of Moog analog synths, the Moog Guitar’s filter and soft synths in Ableton Live.

Koushion connects to your existing MIDI hardware via the iRig MIDI from IK Multimedia or a USB-to-MIDI cable and the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. It also connects wirelessly to your DAW via a CoreMIDI (for OS X) or rtpMIDI (for Windows).


  • 16 steps per scene (up to 128 steps in chain mode)
  • 8 scenes with independent midi channel per scene
  • 4 playback modes: single, simultaneous, chain, rebound
  • Key switching between any major, minor, or pentatonic scale
  • Adjustable quantization (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32)
  • Quantized scene switching
  • MIDI clock send/receive
  • Tap to set tempo (great for syncing with a live band)
  • Velocity control
  • Monophonic drawing mode (only allows one note per step; great for programming leads)
  • Wireless connectivity via CoreMIDI Network Sessions or rtpMIDI
  • Automatic integration with other apps via CoreMIDI virtual ports. Open up a synth in the background and Koushion will trigger the notes!

Koushion is available in the App Store for $9.99.

Moog Discounts & Discontinues The Minimoog Voyager Select Series

Moog has announced its plans to discontinue production of the Minimoog Voyager Select Series, described as ‘the top selling backlit analog synthesizer of all time‘.

The Select Series lets you choose from a variety of customizations, including woods and finishes and the color of backlights.

Moog will continue building the Select Series through the end of the year, with the final Select Series leaving the factory on Jan 1, 2013. During the remaining months of production, Moog has reduced the selling price on all Select Series Voyagers from $3,659 to $2,999.

“We are a small company that still builds by hand, so sometimes we have to make hard decisions about ending the life of even our most favorite products,”  said Mike Adams, CEO Moog Music.

The discontinuation of the Select Series comes as Moog begins celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Minimoog Voyager. The first Minimoog Voyager introduced the world to the next generation of analog synthesizers in 2002.

See the Moog site for details.

Voyager Plug SE Lets You Control A Minimoog From Your DAW

Moog has released a new plugin, Voyager Plug SE, designed to let you take control of a Minimoog Voyager from within your DAW.

The Voyager Plug SE links the analog sound and power of a Minimoog Voyager with an DAW-ready plug-in for Mac and PC (AU/VST). The plugin lets you route controls, create complex modulations, manage presets, and automate parameters, all from within your DAW.

The Moog Voyager PlugSE Editor features:

  • Edit all program parameters
  • Automate all panel parameters
  • Direct MIDI connection
  • Fully resizable editing panels
  • Load/Save Program Banks
  • Transmits and receives Program Bank data
  • Complete System Exclusive implementation
  • Flexible routings of parameter changes (Automation parameters and MIDI tracks.)
  • Recording of real-time parameter changes using automation or MIDI continuous controllers.

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