Moog Sub Phatty Meets Modular Sequencer

Here’s a quick demo, via AudioCentralMagazine, of the new Moog Sub Phatty used with a modular step sequencer:

The mighty analog Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer is under control of Q960 Sequential Controller. As usual, Row A is for Pitch, Row B is for Filter opening. On this video, while sequence is running, there are tests for EGs snap, OSC reset under key Gate, fattyness of SubOsc, wild brutality of Multidrive distortion. Such a lovely, little analog machine.

The Q960 Sequential Controller is a modern recreation of Bob Moog’s classic 960 module.

Moog Sub Phatty Behind the Scenes With Cyril Lance

This video, via SourceDistributionTV, features a behind-the-scenes look at the new Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer.

Cyril Lance, Chief Engineer at Moog Music, discusses through some of the engineering choices made in the design of the new Moog Sub Phatty. Continue reading