Moog Music Releases Limited-Edition MF-104M Super Delay


Moog Music has announced a limited-production release of the MF-104M Super Delay, based on Moog’s analog delay, the MF-104M.


  • The MF-104M Super Delay features over 1.2 seconds of ‘vintage’ analog delay time, provided by 6 NOS (new old stock) Panasonic Bucket Brigade chips.
  • The power supply, bias, and rail generating circuitry have all been improved from the original model, for greater sound quality and reduced microphonics.
  • An Emphasis/De-Emphasis circuit has been added for reduced noise.
  • Additionally, the delay-loop level matching circuitry from the 500 Series analog delay has been included for maximized feedback and mix stability.

“In 2005, we released the MF-104SD, of which only 250 units were ever produced,” said Cyril Lance, Moog Music Chief Engineer. “The new MF-104M Super Delay utilizes the identical vintage Bucket Brigade chips found in the classic MF-104SD, faithfully delivering a vintage grittiness that’s extremely musical.” Continue reading

Moog Intros All White Editions Of Its Analog Instruments

Today Moog Music announced limited edition all white versions of its analog instruments:

Moog has polarized the color of their traditionally black steel and natural wood instruments to a solid white finish. Included in this limited edition white release are the Slim Phatty, Minimoog Voyager, and the Minimoog Voyager XL analog synthesizers. Moog has also included the entire line of Moogerfooger Analog Effects Modules in this all white release.

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5U Moogerfooger Panels For Moog Compatible Modular Synthesizers

5U Moogerfooger Modular Synthesizer Modules

Long time Synthtopia readers know that Moog’s MoogerFooger effects pedals can be used together to create a giant MoogerFoogin’ modular synthesizer.

But many have wished that Moog would actually release new 5U synth modules or at least release MoogerFooger modules.

GearMedia’s Mike Beard is working on a DIY project to fill that gap, GIMP (GearMedia Moogerfooger Panel). At this point, he’s working on panels to prototype the conversions.

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Koushion Meets The Moog MIDI MuRF

YouTube Preview Image

This video captures a demonstration by Chris Stack (experimentalsynth) of using the Koushion sequencer, running on an iPad, to sequence the filter bands on the Moog MIDI MuRF – ‘essentially creating your own patterns on-the-fly’.

The MIDI MuRF (Multiple Resonance Filter Array) is a Moog filter that lets you sequence its 8 filters in 24 preset patterns. It has extensive MIDI support, though, which opens up a lot more options, like this.

Koushion is available in the App Store for $9.99.

The 18 MoogerFooger Modular Synth

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Saturday Synth Porn: Reader Rob Batke wrote us about this 18 Moogerfooger modular synth:

I was thinking with the release of the new Mooger Fooger that you might be interested in a couple videos. Lyle Bell (Shout Out Out Out Out) compiled 18 MoogerFooger pedals together to create one giant MF modular synth.

While Moog doesn’t make synth modules, per se, they can be used in a modular way. See also the Moogertron.

via Rob Batke, auxgang


Moog Intros MoogerFooger MF-104M Analog Delay

Moog Music today introduced the MF-104M Analog Delay, a new version of their MoogerFooger analog delay pedal.

Originally designed by Bob Moog and released in 2000, the Classic MF-104 Analog Delay was manufactured as a limited edition release of 1000 units. A special “Bucket Brigade” delay chip was employed allowing the effect to remain completely analog.

Unfortunately, the supply of these chips was limited and the final MF-104 sold in 2001. Since then there have been two reissues of the Classic MF-104, the MF-104Z and the MF-104SD.

The MF-104M recreates the sound and vibe of the Classic MF-104. It even uses the same vintage “Bucket Brigade” delay chips found in the original, which provide 800ms of the richest, creamiest, all analog delay on the planet.

A new 6 Waveshape LFO significantly expands the sonic capabilities of this Classic Analog Delay. According to Moog, you can use it to create ‘expansive delays that transport you through time, beautifully modulate the delay trails, or create sounds and delays that are simply out of this world.’

Spillover Mode has been the most popular modification to the MF-104 and is now included in the MF-104M. Decide on the fly whether delay trails end or continue when you disengage the Delay.

A dedicated Tap Tempo switch lets you quickly tap in your Delay Time or LFO Rate, and the addition of MIDI brings a new world of control and function to the MF-104M. Use it to control and manipulate every function on and under the hood. It’s also a great way to incorporate an analog delay into your studio productions.

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What’s Moog’s New MoogerFooger?

YouTube Preview Image

Moog Music posted a geektacular teaser today for a new MoogerFooger pedal, along with this J.R.R. Tolkien riddle:

This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

The new MoogerFooger is coming June 22nd. If you’ve got ideas on what it will be, or the relevance of the riddle, leave a comment!