New Moog Lap Steel Guitar (Sneak Preview)

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This video is from a private, invitation only, look at the Moog Lap Steel Guitar.

This footage is from the Projek Moog live performance at Moogfest 2010. It features Billy Cardine on the Moog Lap Steel.

The Moog Lap Steel combines Moog Guitar technology with the expressive capabilities of the Lap Steel guitar. Full Sustain, Controlled Sustain and Mute modes, Harmonic Blends and the onboard Moog Ladder Filter are integrated to expand beyond traditional playing techniques.

The Moog Lap Steel seen in the video is Ash with a Natural finish and it will also be available in Bass with a Black Sparkle finish. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

via MoogMusicIncProToolerBlog

MoogFest 2010 (Video)

Moogfest 2010 was a three-day festival celebrating the innovative spirit of Bob Moog. It took place Halloween weekend, October 29-31, in Asheville, NC.

Song: Caribou, “Sun.”

How To Play The Theremin Like A Psycho Killer

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Gordon Charlton demonstrates how to play the theremin like a psycho killer, with Moog Etherwave theremin, Marshall Echohead EH-1 delay pedal, lobster knife and carving knife.

The performance, Playing With Knives by Beat Frequency , was Charlton’s entry in the Moog Halloween Theremin Contest.

The knives serve a musical purpose,” explains Charlton, “Touching the metal blade causes an abrupt change in pitch or volume.”