Moogfest Announces Daytime Programming, Featuring Electronic Music Pioneers & Innovators


This morning, Moogfest announced its daytime programming for the festival, which runs April 23 – 27, in Asheville, N.C..

New additions to the schedule include a musical masterclass from super-producer Nile Rodgers, and ‘A Talk With The Electric Lady’, Janelle Monae and her band.

Daytime offerings range from panel discussions and conversations (including one, for example, which features Don Buchla, Roger Linn, Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith and composer David Borden), to performances and sound installations, workshops, movies, and music showcases.

The daytime program also features an in-depth discussion with Giorgio Moroder, plus movies, workshops, curated music showcases, and more.

Not simply about electronic music, Moogfest daytime sessions touch on technology, culture, and philosophy. Topics run the gamut from looking at math and science through the lens of The Simpsons and Futurama, to the nature of creativity, MIT Media Lab and Google.

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Moogfest 2014 Lineup To Feature Kraftwerk In 3D, Moroder, Laurie Anderson, Sasha, Chic & More To Come

moogfest-kraftwerkMoogfest organizers have announced the first set of musicians that will be performing at the 2014 electronic music festival, being held April 23-27 in Asheville, North Carolina.

Kraftwerk will perform three 3D sets, Laurie Anderson will perform The Language of the Future, there will be sets from Giorgio Moroder & Sasha, and Chic with Nile Rodgers will be on hand for a funky dance party.

Here are the artists confirmed for Moogfest 2014. Organizers say that 70+ artists are still to be announced: Continue reading

Moogfest 2014 Music Showcase Curators To Include WARP Records, Fool’s Gold, Ghostly Intl., No. 19 + Crew Love, AFROPUNK & More

Moogfest_2014_LogoMoogfest organizers have announced plans to have music showcases at the 2014 event, being held April 25-27, curated by WARP Records, Fool’s Gold, Ghostly Intl., No. 19 + Crew Love, AFROPUNK & others.

“These companies nurture brilliant artists,” notes Emmy Parker, Brand Director, Moog Music Inc. & Moogfest. “We’re crafting an event that celebrates the innovative spirit of Bob Moog: different modes of thinking, new ideas and technology, and intensely diverse music. These are the right group of creative curators to make that happen on the music side.”

Music showcases will be part of the nighttime programming that will feature diverse musical performances by new trailblazers, early pioneers of electronic music, and major headliners in over ten venues across the city of Asheville, NC. Headliners will be announced later this month.

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Moogfest Daytime Lineup To Feature Moroder, Anderson, Emerson, Buchla, Oberheim, Smith, Linn And More

laurie-andersonMoogfest 2014 organizers have announced their lineup of daytime presenters, which includes a kick-ass lineup of futurists, musicians, scientists, authors, filmmakers and pioneers of electronic music instrument design.

The lineup includes multimedia artist Laurie Anderson, disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder, film composer Cliff Martinez, futurist thinkers Jerome Glenn, Nick Bostrom, and George Dvorsky plus MIT Media Lab’s Joseph Paradiso, Sonification Professor Bruce Walker, and more from Make Magazine, OMNI, and SETI (Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

And then there’s the Electronic Music Instrument Pioneers: Herbert Deutsch, Roger Linn, Don Buchla, Tom Oberheim, Dave SmithMalcolm Cecil, Keith Emerson and more.

Moogfest takes place April 23-27th, 2014 in downtown Asheville, NC.

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Moogfest / Moog Music Circuit-Bending Challenge: Batteries Required

speak-and-spellMoogfest and Moog Music have announced the fourth annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge, in conjunction with Moogfest 2014.

For this year’s circuit bending contest, entrants are challenged to take a battery-powered device and modify (“circuit bend”) it into a winning instrument capable of creating “new and unique” sounds — for a total budget of $70 or less.

Speaking of winners, here’s the lineup of prizes for the circuit-bending contest: Continue reading

Moogfest Coming April 23-27, 2014

moogfest-2014Organizers have announced dates and plans for Moogfest 2014 – an electronic music event inspired by the work of Dr. Robert Moog.

Moogfest 2014 will be held April 23-27 in Asheville, NC. The festival has been rebooted in the last year and will be an expanded 5-day event, with an ‘experimental lineup of daytime conference programming’ and nightly music performances.

“We have evolved our thinking to create an event that truly celebrates the pioneering spirit of Bob Moog; uniting art, music, and innovative technology to explore the dimensions of creative expression,” says Moog Music President, Mike Adams.

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Panels Announced For Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit

mountain-oasis-music-summitOrganizers of the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, which takes place Oct. 25-27 in downtown Asheville, have announced several panel discussions that will be held during the event, in addition to the music lineup.

Planned panels include an Inventors’ Roundtable and an Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Gary Numan, both held at Diana Wortham Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 26.

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Detroit Electronic Music Festival Producer Taking On Moogfest 2014


Moog Music has announced a new partnership with Paxahau, producer of Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival, to co-produce Moogfest 2014, scheduled for April 25 – 27, 2014 in Asheville, North Carolina.

“We set out to find a new partner with a real understanding of the dynamic history of electronic music, and that has a deep appreciation for the impact Bob Moog’s inventions have had on musical expression and creation,” explains Moog Music President Mike Adams. “After working with them for three years on their festival in Detroit, we knew Paxahau was the right choice to help us take Moogfest 2014 in the direction we envision.” Continue reading