Moon Modular 6005 Teaser – Can You Guess What This Is?

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We’re heading into the 2012 NAMM Show, and you know what that means……teaser videos.

Moon Modular has a teaser for the “#6005”. We’ve got no idea what they’re introducing. But we’re pretty sure we want it and it’s out of our price range.

Any guesses?

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Sneak Preview: The Last Analog Moon Module You’ll Need

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This is a sneak preview/teaser, via moonmodular, of “the last analog moon module you´ll ever need…”

When it comes to teaser, there’s usually a little steak to go along with the sizzle.

If you’re a Moon Modular user and you have any ideas on this, leave a comment!

Lunar Experience Intros Quad Quantizer Module




The Lunar Experience, a new modular synth manufacturer, has introduced a new module, the M565 Quad Quantizer Module

List price for the M565 is inside the EU 209,- Euros (including 19% German VAT).
Export price outside the EU is 175,- Euros (excluding VAT/tax).

The module format follows the industry standard ( Of The Knobs/Moog/Curetronic/Mos-Lab etc.) with four module units width for the ‘M563’, two module units width for the ‘M564’ and one module unit witdh for the ‘M565’. The faceplate is etched as the original Moog modules.

Two power connectors are on-board ( of the Knobs), with a supply voltage range of -6…-15 Volts/+12…+15 Volts. Threshold voltage of the trigger inputs is +1 Volt.

Here’s a promo/demo video of the Quad Quantizer:

YouTube Preview Image