The Brain-Controlled Art Of Lisa Park

Lisa Park is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent work explores incorporating biometric sensors (heart-rate and brainwave sensors) into interactive art.

Eunoia, above, is a performance that uses brainwaves – collected via a Neurosky EEG (Electroencephalography) sensor – to generate sound and manipulate the motions of water. The title is derived from the Greek word “eu” (well) + “nous” (mind) meaning “beautiful thinking”.

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Kosada Vuo A Modern Graphical Programing Environment For Multimedia

vuo-multimedia-composerKosada has introduced a beta version of Vuo, a modern visual programming language for ‘multimedia artists and creators’.

Vuo is designed for the type of people that might use Quartz Composer, vvvv, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Pure Data. But the company says that Vuo is designed to be a modern graphical programing tool that’s simpler to understand, platform-independent and high-performance.

Vuo, which is ‘flow’ in Finnish, is designed to be both powerful and intuitive. With Vuo, users can create interactive audio, visual, and mixed multimedia applications and effects.

‘We’ve been working on Vuo for several years,” notes Kosada’s Steve Mokris, “and we now want to give media creators a glimpse at where we’re headed with Vuo. Although the beta is not yet fully-featured, with it creators can begin to explore some of Vuo’s possibilities”.

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DJ Food’s Immersive Dome Performance – ‘The Search Engine’

This video documents DJ Food’s The Search Engine, premiered in North America at Montreal’s SATosphere on July 19th-21st 2012.

SATosphere is described as ‘the world first immersive performance space’.

The Search Engine is an immersive 360° show with iPad-controlled surround sound mixed for over 150 speakers. The audience lies down during the 50 minute multimedia remix.

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Laurie Anderson’s Commencement Speech

YouTube Preview Image

Electronic musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson gave the commencement address for the School of Visual Arts 2012 commencement exercises.

It’s 30+ minutes long, but Anderson’s speech is often fascinating and provocative, like when she recontextualizes Karl Rove’s words as a manifesto for artists, when offers her take on the Maker movement, or when she looks at the role of beauty in science.

The Chemical Brothers – Further

The Chemical Brothers have a new album out – Further.

Further is available now in standard format, but also in a Deluxe edition that includes an audio/visual DVD album.

Here’s the official description:

The Chemical Brothers return with their most ambitious project yet, a full-on 51 minute audio/visual experience with cutting edge visuals tailored to the eight epic tracks (available on the CD/DVD edition).

The culmination of nearly two decades of psychedelic exploration, Further is a record that ebbs and flows like the band’s legendary live shows, an immersive collection that finds The Chemical Brothers at their most unrestrained and melodic best. Here, West Coast power pop harmonies sit beside German Motorik rhythms while My Bloody Valentine-esque sonic manipulations plane across the top of early house basslines. Step futher into the future with The Chemical Brothers.

On the other hand, here’s one of the first Amazon customer reviews of the DVD:

Bluntly put. the DVD aspect does not justify the price. Not only are the visuals not on par with any of their standard music videos but, they are not even fun to watch in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way.

A summary of the DVD is the girl on the cover dives into the ocean, then there are a bunch of dots dancing around for a long time, then the girls shadow is walking with dots and a generic psychedelic backdrop. Then, a horse is made of paper machete, some green slime pulsates and the girl comes out of the water.

Here’s an video preview for Further:

YouTube Preview Image

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