Endeavour Evo Multitouch Keyboard Controller Now $199


Simon Kemper, CEO of the German company Endeavour, let us know that the price of their Evo multitouch keyboard has been reduced to $199.

The Evo is a keyboard controller that connects to a computer via an Ethernet interface, and that communicates via MIDI, OSC or our own in-house protocol with synthesizers, sequencers.

Each key on the Evo is equipped with a sensor that allows it to read finger position on a certain area of the key surface. Thus, every key offers, in addition to pitch and velocity, an additional level of polyphonic data input that can be used for continuous control of independent notes. So every key can be used as a fader, controller, a pitch-wheel, a mod-wheel or a button.

Here’s a demo of the Evo prototype in action: Continue reading

FL Studio 10.6 Bringing Multi-Touch Music Making To Windows Tablets

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Here’s a sneak preview of FL Studio 10.6 – an upcoming version of the Windows DAW that has been updated to support Windows touchscreen tablets.

In this demo video, it’s being used with a touchscreen monitor on a Toshiba laptop.

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 10.6:
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Control Ableton Live With Multitouch Screens With Yeco

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Developer Graham Comerford let us know about Yeco, the latest version of his free multitouch software for controlling Ableton Live:

Yeco is a multi touch controller for Ableton Live. It is available for free from the Multitouch Music site. Yeco will run on Windows 32 & 64 bit. A Mac version will be available in early September.

Customized versions of Yeco, custom touch midi controllers, and custom touch OSC controllers are available for a small fee.

Yeco was previously called TouchLive.

Check out the demo and let us know what you think of Yeco!

Wizdom Music Tachyon Lets You Graphically Morph Between Sounds

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Jordan Rudess posted this sneak preview of an upcoming iPad app from Wizdom Music, Tachyon.

Tachyon is designed to let you graphically morph between two sounds. The iPad surface is used as a multitouch XY interface, where the x-axis controls pitch and the y-axis controls the blend of two different sounds.

Pricing and availability are TBA.

Check out the demo and let us know what you think of Tachyon!

Open Labs Dell Touch Laptop

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Open Labs has introduced the Touch Laptop – a mobile Windows computer optimized for music production.

The laptop is one of the results of Open Labs’ collaboration with Dell and features Intel Sandy Bridge processors, DDR3 memory and a 14″ Multi-Touch Screen..

Here’s what Open Labs has to say about the Touch Laptop:

With our new Dell partnership, we were able to build a customized laptop based off one of Dell’s most stable and powerful platforms. With complete control over the internal components, operating system, and custom tweaks, the Open Labs Touch Laptop was designed specificly for music creation and live performance.

It’s hardend tri-metal casing features an anodized aluminum back, a tough magnesium frame, and a zinc alloy latch. It also features a spill resistant backlit keyboard and a 360 degree bumper surrounding the touchscreen, making it a truly road ready machine.

Included with the Touch Laptop is our own Music OS 3 software. Designed for touch screen use, the fast and user friendly Music OS™ makes creating and performing with virtual instruments and effects easier than traditional DAW’s.

MimiK keyboard cloning software will clone the sounds of any midi equipped keyboard or hardware sound module. Put all your keyboards into your Touch Laptop.

The Open Labs Touch Laptop is priced starting at $1,499.

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Jordan Rudess On The Madrona Labs Soundplane

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Jordan Rudess has been playing with the new Madrona Labs Soundplane & this video captures some of his experimentation with the new controller.

The Soundplane is a computer music controller designed to have the sensitivity and feel of an acoustic instrument. It can detect a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface.

The Soundplane A can be configured as either a 150-note keyboard with position and pressure sensing on each key, or as one continuous surface.

Details are available at the Madrona Labs site.

Madrona Soundplane Software Update

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Madrona Labs, who are developing the new Soundplane multitouch instrument, posted this demonstration of the latest version of their Soundplane software.

They note:

You can see the speed and accuracy of the touch tracking from 12 bits of pressure information at about 1000 frames per second. I need to measure the latency better but it’s down under 5ms, and can probably be improved a bit more.

The software is partially done– there is another page to be completed where you can set up zones that function as notes and controllers.