Synth DIY Guru Ray Wilson Of Music From Outer Space Has Cancer And Needs Help

ray-wilson-music-from-outer-spaceThe family of Music From Outer Space founder Ray Wilson has announced that he is fighting Stage 4 cancer and that he could use the help of the synth community.

Wilson has been a leader in synth DIY for years – offering a variety of projects via his Music From Outer Space (MFOS) site. His DIY designs include a complete line of analog synth modules, lo fi noise boxes, sequencers, the Sound Lab Mini-Synth and the Weird Sound Generator. He is also the author of the book Make: Analog SynthesizersContinue reading

Make Analog Synthesizers

make-analog-synthesizersMaike Magazine has announced a new book, Make Analog Synthesizers, written by Music From Outer Space‘s Ray Wilson.

The book covers:

  • The differences between analog and digital synthesizers
  • Analog synthesizer building blocks, including VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, and LFOs
  • How to tool up for synth-DIY, including electronic instruments and suggestions for home-made equipment
  • Foundational circuits for amplification, biasing, and signal mixing
  • How to work with the MFOS Noise Toaster kit
  • Setting up a synth-DIY electronic music studio on a budget

Make Analog Synthesizers is priced at $27.99 and will be released in April.

The MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box

YouTube Preview Image

Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space has introduced a DIY new noise box, the Alien Screamer.

The MFOS Alien Screamer Noise Box is simple circuit can make a lot of cool sounds,  it has a speaker and amp built in. It runs off of one nine volt battery and draws very little current. PC boards are available and kits will be soon also.

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The 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer

Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space has introduced a new synth DIY project, the 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer, designed to be integrated with the MFOS sequencer.


  • Each step’s duration can be set independently.
  • Each step’s duration is settable from 1 to 16 clock cycles.
  • Main clock adjustment affects all steps equally.
  • Clock selection: Quantized or Normal
  • Two gate/trigger modes: Single per step and Multi per step.
  • External clock supported.
  • Clock out supported.

Here’s an in-depth intro video for the 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer:

YouTube Preview Image

The 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer is an advanced synth DIY project. Wilson expects PC boards to be available before the end of June 2012.

See the MFOS site for details.