Brian Eno On Composers as Gardeners

This video captures a short discussion by Brian Eno on his concept of Composers as Gardeners.

Eno contrasts the stereotype of the classical composer conceiving a piece and then writing it out against the practice that became more common in the 60s of creating processes that result in music that you may or may not have anticipated. Continue reading

If There Was A Turing Test For Music Artificial Intelligence, ‘Kulitta’ Might Pass It


A key concept in the world of artificial intelligence is the Turing Test – the idea that a computer exhibits intelligence when a natural language text discussion with it becomes indistinguishable from a text discussion with a human.

That idea, introduced by computer scientist Alan Turing, has sparked the imagination of many, been a recurring topic of fiction and film (like the recent Ex Machina, above) and led to alternative Turing tests that attempt to identify intelligence in different ways, ranging from chess playing ability to problem solving to creativity.

If there was a Turing Test for musical artificial intelligence, a new music composition application, Kulitta, might pass it. Continue reading