Why We Create Music

“The only way that we are able to make a living is by convincing people, sometimes one at a time, that this thing that we have won’t exist without us, and that it is necessary.”

The short film Why We Create Music examines the absolute importance of music to the individuals who create it. Fifteen musicians, ranging from Bill Withers to Aloe Blacc to Lady Antebellum, share their thoughts on songwriting and composing. Continue reading

Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

Open Mic: Reader Andy Hagerty wants to know “What new Electronic Music are you listening to right now that you’d want to share with the Synthtopia readers?”.

Is it something from an artist that you think is under appreciated? Something new from an established artist? Something that you’re working on?

Leave a comment and let us know…..

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Woob – Tokyo Run

Free Music Friday: Ambient music artist Woob (Paul Frankland) let us know about this spectacular new video short, Tokyo Run.

Here’s what’ he’s got to say about it:

Tokyo Run features the time-lapse photography of Samuel Cockedey and the design, animation and audio of Paul Frankland (Woob).

Although the ‘Run’ is based in a futuristic ‘old Tokyo’ It uses buildings and images from 3 major cities around the world. The simple animation was created in Cinema 4d then projected and filmed off a variety of different surfaces to roughen it up and to contrast against the slick-ness of the Time-lapse.

A lot of the sound design was created using everyday objects. Other more musical effects were created by chopping up and processing the original 24bit files contained on the real version of the keycard depicted in the film.

More information on Samuels time-lapse creation process can be found here.

The film is designed for repeated viewings and contains more to it than may first appear.

Woob adds, “Access to the Woob track ‘Mainframe’ + other stuff is hidden within the film.”

More details can be found here.

HEXTEP Analog Style Live MIDI Step Sequencer (First Look)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a first look at the HEXTEP MIDI Step Sequencer, a analog style step sequencer.

t’s got some interesting tricks up its sleeve, including a built in voice & speaker for setting up sequencers, MIDI effects and a Euclidean Rhythm mode.

Pricing and availability are to be announced, but we’ve got a video sneak preview, plust details below.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the HEXTEP!

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Free Music Friday: Korg MicroSampler Experimental Electronica

Free Music Friday: Reader Jono Wise sent word about a free EP created primarily with the Korg MicroSampler.

Here’s what Wise has to say about the release, inVALID INvalidE.P.:

I recorded various sounds into the Microsampler, often making use of the 6k lofi mode, after this the tracks were played live into Ableton live, some tracks make use of post processing and overdubs, other tracks were pretty much just printed to audio, compression added and thats it.

The Tracks all come from one Bank on the microsampler that I recorded and are based on one central theme and variations on that. It was an interesting experiment in using the same music ideas and sounds for more than one track.

Dubstep Meets Prog In A Dark Alley…And Only Prog Emerges

YouTube Preview Image

Reader Jim McLaren let us know via Facebook about his latest video song synth jam, Vitriol.

Count our faces as melted! If dubstep met prog in a dark alley and got its ass kicked, it might sound a bit like this…..

If you like McLaren’s video song progtaculars, leave him a little love in the comments….

Crystal Spaceship – Space Music From Bruno Ender Lee

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Bruno Ender Lee put together this extended space music video, which collects six live synth jams into a ‘video album’, Crystal Spaceship.

Part 1: Crystal Spaceship (includes: “Ice Crystals”, “Spaceship” & “Midnight”)

Part 2: Astral Clockwork (includes: “Spaceship_2”, “Astral Clockwork” & “Astral Odyssey”)

Composed, arranged & produced by Bruno Ender Lee; 2012 Velvet Voyage Productions

via synthypnosis