Rainboard Isomorphic Synth Jam

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a performance of an original composition by David Gerhard, using the Rainboard.

The Rainboard is a DIY dynamic isomorphic keyboard. One of the key features of isomorphic keyboard layouts is that intervals are played consistently across the entire keyboard.

The Rainboard can interface the Musix iOS app in order to change layouts and adjust settings. It can also be played on its own after a layout is set.

More details can be found at rainboard.shiverware.com.

Moon Modular 6005 Teaser – Can You Guess What This Is?

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We’re heading into the 2012 NAMM Show, and you know what that means……teaser videos.

Moon Modular has a teaser for the “#6005”. We’ve got no idea what they’re introducing. But we’re pretty sure we want it and it’s out of our price range.

Any guesses?

via moonmodular

The Chamberlin – The World’s First Sampler

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The Chamberlin keyboard is a tape-based sample playback keyboard, invented in 1946 by Harry Chamberlin. It’s considered by many to be the first sampler, though it was primarily used as a sample playback keyboard.

According to stories, Chamberlin got the idea while recording himself playing the organ. He figured that if he could record and playback the organ, he could record other sounds and play them back, triggered by a keyboard. Continue reading

Oh Yeah! MIDI Over Wi-Fi Gets Interesting On iPad, iPhone

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MIDI over WiFi is getting interesting, as this video of Bassline on an iPhone and MoDrum on an iPad, running in sync, demonstrates.

With the latest update for MoDrum (v1.1) and BassLine (v3.2), Finger lets you tempo-sync apps on a multitasking device or sync several iOS devices with each other or your DAW. Finger says that they are the “first to fully exhaust the opportunities provided by Apple’s CoreMIDI API for iOS.” Continue reading

Ohm Studio Internet Music Collaboration Platform Sneak Preview

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This is a preview of Ohm Studio – a new Internet music collaboration platform that looks a bit like GarageBand for the Web.

The service is now in beta – but the service looks pretty cool and the preview video is is pretty styletastic.

Check it out!

Sonuus G2M Guitar To MIDI Converter Review

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This is a demo of the Sonuus G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter, a monophonic audio to MIDI converter.

The Sonuus G2M can be used to generate MIDI instrument sounds from a synthesizer and does not require a special pickup. Continue reading

OTTO – The Sexy New Beat-Slicing Instrument

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Luca De Rosso’s OTTO is an electronic musical instrument for realtime manual beat slicing of audio samples.

OTTO provides a tangible user interface designed with the aim of giving the user the feel of having the sample in his hands. The musician can manipulate an audio sample in real time through the use of a restricted number of simple physical buttons and switches.

In computer music audio samples are generally represented as the waveform itself or as little colored blocks. Since the sample inside OTTO as to be controlled really fast, the performer needs to quickly understand where and how to play a specific part. The sample visualization has been designed to provide just the information needed and nothing more.

There are several more demo videos at Luca De Rosso’s YouTube channel.

via Peter Kirn’s Create Digital Music – Peter puts up something incredible every day, so make sure CDM is on your shortlist of sites to visit!