Endeavour Evo Touch Sensitive Keyboard Now 1199€

Evo keyboard polyphonic aftertouch Endeavour has announced new pricing for the Evo keyboard, described as the “world’s first keyboard with touch sensitive keys”:

We understand the creative potential of this technology, and would therefore be delighted if everyone owned an evo. For that reason we continually strive to optimize our production process with the aim of optimizing the sale price.

We have now made our first breakthrough by optimizing the electronic components and the manufacturing process. This means we can now offer the evo for EUR 1,199, including all taxes and shipping costs within Germany. The technical concept remains largely intact. Only the time that elapses between hitting the keys and transmission had to be increased from 1 ms to 5 ms by repositioning the electronics, while the sampling rate of the sensors has been reduced to 300 Hertz. However, this has absolutely no effect on playability. Whether it be rapid movements, slow gestures or repetitive movement patterns, everything is registered with the usual precision and converted into precise position data.

We have therefore achieved one of our key goals: to preserve all the functions whilst also reducing the sale price. Once again, we have managed to move one step closer to our second main goal, which is to provide the world with better keyboards.

The Evo was priced at 2800 euro, as recently as Musikmesse 2012, so the aggressive price cut could encourage a lot of people to take a second look at the keyboard’s capabilities. Continue reading

The Seelake AudioStation Audio Workstation

Musikmesse 2012: The Seelake AudioStation is a all-in-one audio workstion, combining a powerful CPU, multiple audio and MIDI inputs and outputs and microphone preamplifiers in one device.

AudioStation functions:

  • Powerful Multi-Instrument VST Player
  • VST Multi-FX Rack
  • Advanced MIDI Patchbay
  • Performance Digital Audio Recorder
  • VST and audio Digital Mixer
  • Multi-Track Digital Audio Player

Main features:

  • Powerful processor
  • Large RAM memory
  • 1 or 2 large hard disks
  • DVD writer
  • Main Operative System expressely built and optimized for audio signals, based on Microsoft Windows kernel and compatible with any musical application written for Windows.
  • AudioStation software Audio and VST Mixer-Host integrated in the operative system.
  • Completely independent additional operative environment, to use AudioStation like a traditional computer for word processing, graphics, web or any other, with no risk to the AudioStation audio/musical functionality.
  • operative environment for the maintenance of the device, where users can: restore factory defaults; clone installations into the (optional) backup hard disk and vice versa; wipe the file system in case of shocks or free falls
  • Audio system with 10 I/Os and high quality converters
  • MIDI system with 8 I/Os and ultra precise timing
  • Live Control remote controller for controlling AudioStation in live performances with no need for monitor, keyboard nor mouse

Specifications below. See the Seelake site for details.
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Trautoniks’ New Trautonium

YouTube Preview Image

Musikmesse 2012: This video, via AudioCentralMagazine, captures a demo of the Trautoniks Trautonium – a modern version of the historic Trautonium.

The Trautonium is an electronic instrument, created in the late 1920’s by Friedrich Trautwein in Berlin. It was developed, with the help of Oskar Sala, throughout the 20th century.

The Trautonium allows for expressive playing, with continuous control over both pitch and volume.

The modern Trautonium is built to order by Jürgen Hiller of Trautoniks.com.

Propellerheads Rack Extension Details From A Developer’s Perspective

YouTube Preview Image

The biggest news out of Musikmesse 2012, at least for Propellerhead Reason users, was the announcement of Rack Extensions -a new format that opens up the Reason Rack to third-party developers.

Rack Extensions are full Reason rack citizens, giving users the same experience with third party extensions as with any other Reason device. This includes the ability to load them in Reason’s Combinator, route audio and CV cables on the back, automation of all parameters, copy/paste devices and signal chains, and experimentation with the safety of unlimited undo.

This video, via Sonic State, features Magnus Lidstrom from SonicCharge (makers of Synplant) talking about converting their BitSpeak plug-in to the new format and what Rack Extensions mean for developers.

Rack Extensions will be coming in Reason 6.5, which is expected in Summer 2012.

Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer First Look

YouTube Preview Image

This video is a first look at the Roland Jupiter-50 synthesizer, which was introduced at this year’s Musikmesse.

Keyboard editor Stephen Fortner takes a look at the new Jupiter-50, with an overview of the synth’s architecture, lots of audio demos and his first impressions.

via KeyboardMag

The AlphaSphere – Original Or ‘Just Plain Weird’?

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another look at the AlphaSphere– a unique programmable spherical controller, introduced at Musikimesse 2012.

The AlphaSphere offers 48 tactile pressure sensors, with polyphonic aftertouch, allowing for greater expressive control than typical keyboard controllers.

Is the AlphaSphere original, or – as SOS’s Paul White suggests – ‘just plain weird’?

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Casio XW-P1 Synth Workshop From Musikmesse

YouTube Preview Image

Casio product expert Ralph Maten explains the features of the new Casio XW-P1 Perfomance Synthesizer, at Musikmesse 2012.

The video is about 12 minutes long, and there’s some cheesy commentary along the way, but it offers a good introduction to the new Casio synth’s capabilities.

The Innovative Systems Ribbon Tube Synth

Musikmesse 2012: Innovative Instruments was showing the Ribbon Tube Synth, a custom synth created from a Doepfer Ribbon Controller, what looks to be a Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1, a speaker and a giant tube. And some beer.

It’s currently priced at 799 Euro. See the Innovative Instruments site for details.